Sky Kennels from Petmate are one of our top sellers and the kennel of choice when your pet is traveling by plane. They are airline approved kennels that can travel pretty much anywhere. Sky Kennels are sturdy and ventilated, which allows your pet to be comfortable and safe while traveling in the cargo hold. And Sky kennels come with everything needed to be airline approved.*

If you are looking for a heavy duty airline kennel alternative, consider the Zinger Collapsible aluminum dog crate. With the optional airline kit and casters, you'll provide safe travel for your pet and rolling convenience for yourself.

*note - recent changes by some airlines now require metal hardware. At this time Petmate does not make metal hardware available for their Sky Kennels as they find their plastic hardware to more dependable long-term. The hardware is standard sized hardware. Metal replacements are inexpensive and readily available from your local hardware/home improvement retailer.