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Zinger Aluminum Escape Artist Professional Series Dog Crate-Crate-Zinger-3000 - 30 L x 21 W x 24 H-Pet Crates Direct
Zinger Aluminum Escape Artist Professional Series Dog Crate-Crate-Zinger-Pet Crates Direct

Zinger Aluminum Escape Artist Professional Series Dog Crate

Best Selling in Heavy Duty Category

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Product Description:

The Zinger Winger Aluminum Professional 'Escape Artist' series include all the fantastic features you'll find in the Deluxe Series with the difference mainly being the heavy duty door construction.

On any crate, the door is consistently the weakest point and "Houdini" dogs target this area for attempted escapes.

In the Escape Artist Series, the door is reinforced with extra bars, welds and bracing.

As an added layer of security, there is a secondary locking plate on the door frame, plus a set of heavy duty handles and a soft foam mat (mat unavailable for model 5000) for the dog to lay down on.

Each door has a full-length piano hinge and can be mounted to open left or right. The professional Escape Artist line of aluminum dog boxes are designed to be the most secure and safest of the Zinger Winger Aluminum dog crates. 

Make Zinger dog crate airline approved with the optional airline package kit which includes air travel rails, carrying handles, “Live Animal” labels, water, and food bowls, ID Tag plus lock and deadbolt covers for extra security.

When this kit is added to any Zinger Winger dog crate it immediately conforms to the IATA 82 Safety Standard.

 If you plan to use this crate for airline travel, please add the optional Zinger crate airline travel kit to your order. 

Zinger Crate Add-on Options:

"Drain Thru" Crate Flooring

Airline Travel Kits

Caster Wheels with Bracket Mount

Crate Covers

Grooming Tops

Grooming Show Ring Package



If your dog has a tendency to chew on things and you cannot trust it not to eat its way out of a soft-sided crate, Zinger crates are the way to go for you.

Zinger dog crates have been designed in a way that ensures that even the best escape artists cannot get out of the crate without your approval.

Take a look at the many ways in which a zinger dog crate can make crating a much easier task for you.


Made of stainless steel construction, it is virtually impossible for your dog to chew its way through the sides.

The downside of other crates made of softer materials is that a determined dog can eat its way out of the crate and escape.

Steel makes it impossible for your dog to chew or ram its way out of the dog crate.


Zinger crates are great for use when traveling as they can withstand impacts that they are exposed to.

Supposing you were using a soft-sided crate to transport your dog from one place to the other and you had a collision, the steel makes it hard for any object to come into contact with your dog and this provides safety to your dog.


Buying a dog crate is quite the investment and you would not wish to be in a position where you are replacing your dog’s crate every now and then because they keep getting damaged.

Zinger winger dog crates have been made in a way that they will serve you for years without the need for replacement.


With a coated finish to top off the build of zinger winger dog crates, too much heat is not a problem that your dog will face.

This kind of finish enables the crate to reflect heat away and it allows dissipation of heat to take place at a much faster rate.


Zinger dog crates provide ventilation for your dog on all sides. On the side of the crate, you will find that numerous holes are available for allowance of air entry into the crate.

The door has spaced steel bars which allow air to freely circulate in the crate. This kind of cross ventilation allows your dog to keep cool during warm weather.


To make it even harder for your dog to escape from the crate, a very secure slam latch is in place to ensure that once you shut the door, only you can open it from the outside.

In this way, no matter how much your dog tries to fumble with the lock in a bid to escape, it cannot leave the crate. The doors are also reversible and you get to choose which way you want them to open.

Zinger dog crates are great for containment of dogs which tend to chew on soft-sided crates.

The strength of zinger dog crates makes them ideal for use in traveling as they can ensure that your dog is safe throughout the journey.

Though they are costly at the beginning, zinger dog crates are worth the bargain in the end.

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