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Pet Predicaments

House Breaking When you’re choosing a pet, you never consider the mark that your new dog or cat is going to make on your home … literally. Even if you manage to housebreak your pet with complete success, you’ll find evidence of your furry friend throughout the house — from the hair on your bedspread to snags in your sofa to the slight stench that’s been hanging in the dining room ever since Fido shook himself dry after a romp in the rain. Furniture If your furniture is dark and your pet has white, orange or another light-color fur, you’ve...

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General Puppy Care Tips

General Care Tips for Your Puppy Nail Clipping Clip the "hook" off the toenails and dewclaws about twice a month. It is also a good idea to purchase some blood coagulating powder (like Kwik Stop) to have on hand as you will nick a nail occasionally. Don't panic if nail bleeds, and make sure to teach your dog to accept this routine without fussing. This is an important aspect of puppy care; you should never be able to hear nails clicking on a hard floor. Grooming & Flea Control Bathe your puppy every month or so with a mild dog...

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The 5 Coolest Dog Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog Today

Dogs are lovable animals and as an owner, you will know how smart (and how stupid) they can be from time to time. Although they can do silly things, it is important to know that dogs are actually very smart animals and can quickly pick on commands and cues. In particular, they are very good at learning tricks, especially when there’s food involved. If you have the patience and the knowledge you can train your dog to do all sorts of tricks. All the way from the standard “sit” to the immense “backflip”. If you are giving them correct praise...

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How to Get Your Pet to Like Their Dog House

  When it comes to getting your dog their very own home, you may think in the back of your mind that it is going to be the best investment you have made. Your dog is going to love it, so you go out and buy the best dog house available. This sets you back a few hundred dollars but you don’t mind, as you know it is going to provide you with a number of benefits. However, when you get home, your dog turns their nose up and doesn’t like it as much as you thought they would. This...

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How to Select the Right Bed for Your Small Dog

There are eight important items you must consider when purchasing a bed for your dog. Considerations 1. Does it provide proper support? Your small dog obtains the same benefits as you do from a bed that offers adequate support; its skeletal system maintains a proper alignment. A bed that sags or is lumpy is not supportive, putting your little dog at risk for neck and back problems. It is as unhealthy for your small dog to have his neck up at an angle on a plush bed that does not allow him to lay his head down, as it would...

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