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Shih Tzus - Fun Facts and Crate Size

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Shih Tzu Dog Crate

Shih Tzu

Quick Facts:

  • AKC recognized in 1969.
  • Lifespan: 12 - 14 years.
  • Size: Small
  • Recommended Dog Crate Size for Shih Tzus: 24" dog crate

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The Shih Tzu, also known as the Chrysanthemum Dog, is a small-sized breed with long silky hair. Some believe this breed originates from Tibet and China region, but it is still up for debate.

Shih Tzu means lion and according to Buddhist belief, since lions were associated with their deity, the dogs were bred in court. The Shih Tzu is the 17th most popular breed in the United States.

They are considered fantastic companions and house pets. As with various breeds, they require proper training to avoid the potential for nipping and biting while around children but on the whole, owners agree that they are very good around children.


The American Kennel Club formally recognized the Shih Tzu in 1969, although there are mentions of Shih Tzu dating back to 990 A.D. Shih Tzus are small-sized and medium energy companions. The Shih Tzu is known as affectionate, playful and outgoing.


The Shih Tzu has a double coat of long flowing hair. They are compact and despite being classified as a toy dog, has good weight and substance. The Shih Tzu is known to be bred in up to 14 colors and 3 distinct markings (black markings, black mask, and tan markings).


It is recommended to provide feed formulated to medium-sized breeds. It is highly recommended to discuss your dog’s feed with your veterinarian and/or breeder in order to determine the size and frequency of meals in order to ensure a healthy, long life. It is also important to ensure that clean, fresh water is always available.


Shih Tzus require weekly grooming. Generally speaking, grooming is not as intensive as some other breeds. That being said, the Shih Tzu loves the extra attention.


Shih Tzus require minimal exercise and are known as somewhat active dogs. Recommended activities include daily walks and indoor play. When training praise and rewards are much more effective than punishment due to their need to please people.

Pet Crate Size

Pet Crates Direct recommends 24" dog crates for most adult Shih Tzus.

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