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Guide to Replacement Pans

People frequently ask what pans fit with their particular Dog Crate Replacement Trays and Pans to fit their particular model of pet crate.

Replacement Dog Crate Tray Pans

Each manufacturer designs their replacement trays and pans to different sizes. This means that they do not switch between models very well. A difference of an inch can make a large impact on whether or not it fits within the crate, or if it does, whether it will slide while your pet is in there or worse, make it easy for pets to chew on.

The incredible variety of models is great for consumers and although this is a benefit in choice, it can be a bit confusing when it comes time to find a dog crate replacement tray or pan. To help give our customers confidence in their purchase before pressing the buy button we have provided links to tables below for your reference.

The two most popular brands are Midwest and Precision Pet Products.They are sorted by their Crate models. If you do not see your model below you can still search to find the correct size pan by entering your dimensions, model of your crate and 'replacement pan' here.



Precision Pet Products

Zinger Winger




Plastic Pans

Metal Trays




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