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Guide to Replacement Pans

People frequently ask what pans fit with their particular Dog Crate Replacement Trays and Pans to fit their particular model of pet crate.

Each manufacturer designs their replacement trays and pans to different sizes. This means that they do not switch between models very well and a plastic dog crate does not require a plastic tray.

A difference of an inch can make a large impact on whether or not it fits within the dog crate, or if it does, whether it will slide while your pet is in there or worse, make it easy for pets to chew on.

The incredible variety of models is great for consumers and although this is a benefit in choice, it can be a bit confusing when it comes time to find a dog crate replacement tray or pan. 

To help give our customers confidence in their purchase before pressing the buy button we have provided links to the tables below for your reference.

The two most popular brands are Midwest and Precision Pet Products. They are sorted by their Crate models. 

If you do not see your model below you can still search to find the correct size pan by entering your dimensions, model of your dog crate replacement pan.

Most Popular Brands:


Precision Pet Products

Zinger Winger

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More Information

Midwest Pans

This is one of the most common choices when it comes to getting a pan. These quality products come with free shipping. The advantages of getting Midwest dog crate replacement pans cannot be undermined and they include the following:


Midwest crate replacement trays are easy to clean up if your dog has an accident and they serve well in the case where your dog has not been housetrained.

You can make use of these pans as your dog learns to control its bowels. Their ease of cleaning makes them ideal even for dogs which are already housetrained as you can easily clean off their fur or dirt from the pan, making a double door dog crate a hygienic environment which is important as the dog considers it to be its den/home.

They are also leak proof which is great where your dog spills water or has an accident whilst in the dog crate as the mess will not get out of the cage and this will make cleaning much easier. 

Healthy living conditions will keep your pet safe.


The material used in making the pan is composite plastic which is durable and will serve your dog for a long time to come.

The material is also resistant to odors and it does not absorb smells, meaning your dog crate will not have a persistent dog smell.

The pan comes with a slide-out design which enables you to pull out the tray when cleaning for convenience.


Though the replacement dog crate pans have been designed for use in a crate, they can be used for other purposes in the house depending on your needs such that you can get one for your dog and get another for use around the yard or even in the kitchen.

All Sizes

You may be worried that you might be unable to get a pan that will suit the size of your crate but this is not the case with this model.

With a wide variety of crates replacement trays to choose from, you are bound to get the perfect fit for your crate.

Precision Pans

Precision replacement dog crate pans are just as good as Midwest replacement pans and they come with an array of benefits for you and your dog. Precision also offers free shipping on its products. Some of these benefits include:


This dog pan is made of a material that is non-porous and one that repels food and water spilled on it. In this way, you need not worry that a mess made by your dog in the crate will find its way to your floor.

It also comes with a slide-out design which makes cleaning easier as you can easily pull out the tray while cleaning and put it back in place just as easily.

The tray has been designed in a way so the lip is quite big and prevents the spillage of food, water, and any other messes in the crate from getting out through the sides of the pan.


Made of a durable polypropylene leak proof material, this dog crate pan has been designed to last for ages whilst withstanding the effects of wear and tear directed towards it.


Precision replacement crate pans come in a range of sizes which allows you to have different designs and sizes to choose from so you can get a pan that will be compatible with your crate.

Zinger Winger Replacement Flooring

As part of our collection, we also feature zinger winger replacement flooring which is a great accessory for your dog crate. Zinger Winger offers free shipping on its flooring. Your dog stands to benefit a great deal from using this kind of flooring.


You can imagine how uncomfortable it is to stand in water when your legs are bare. Well, the same goes for your dog. When your dog makes a mess in its dog crate by spilling food or water or soiling itself, it is often forced to stand in its own filth as it waits for you to come and clean it up.

This flooring by zinger winger elevates your dog to a higher position than that of the dog crate floor, allowing your dog not to come into contact with the fluids it has spilled and this greatly increases the comfort of your dog as it will not be waiting for you anxiously when spills occur.

The open design used in the making of the flooring will allow liquids to pass through it and it will also enhance circulation of air beneath the flooring, which enables the flooring to dry quickly.


Made of a heavy duty rubber that is ¾” thick, it is very hard for your dog to chew on this flooring.

The size of the flooring, as well as the use of rubber, also makes it very durable and you can count on it to continue being of service to your dog for a very long time.


This kind of flooring comes in various sizes which correspond to the various types of crates that are manufactured by zinger winger.

Other Models

There are also other models such as paws and paws, Everila, pet Tek, GoGo Pet and ProSelect amongst others in our collection.

These crate pans also offer high durability, high hygiene levels, free shipping, and a wide array of sizes for you to choose from.

Plastic Pans / Metal Pans

When choosing whether to get a plastic replacement crate pan or a metal one, you should consider the nature of your dog.


For dogs that love to chew on things when anxious, get a metal pan as this will discourage them from chewing.

Plastic pans are a good idea for dogs which do not chew on things and they tend to be less cold as compared to metal pans.


If your dog is very jumpy while in the crate, consider getting a plastic pan as this is much less noisy when compared to a metal pan.

If your dog chews on plastic, cover the metal pan with a sound absorbent material to minimize the amount of noise your dog makes.

If your pan breaks, do not despair as we have a wide range of crates replacement trays from various manufacturers waiting for you to snap them up and make a comfortable hygienic addition to your crate.

Don’t let a broken pan get in the way of your dog’s comfort.

Final Thoughts

As can be seen, these products can be life-savers. They help keep your space clean and tidy for a relatively cheap price.

Most of these pans and trays come with free shipping. Amazon has most of the most popular products, but you can explore many of the manufacturers further in the links above. 

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