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Midwest Dog Crates - A Buyer's Guide

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Whatever the type or size of your dog, Midwest dog crates have got you covered. They come in all sizes designed to suit the needs of different dog personalities.

There are many different models in the Midwest dog crate collection, often referred to as a series, and they come in different finishes, colors, configurations, often come with a free divider panel, as well as free shipping.

This guide will enable you to get the Midwest dog crate that is perfect for your dog.

The Brand

Before embarking on the purchase of a dog crate, you should always take the reputation of the manufacturer into consideration.

In the case of Midwest dog crates, you will be happy to know that Midwest Metals is a company that has been in operation since the year 1921. During their many decades of operation, they have been able to come up with different types of high-quality dog crates that are friendly to your pocketbook and in this way, they have earned the loyalty of many dog owners.

These metal folding dog crates will serve you well. They also offer other pet supplies that can be seen below. 

Midwest Dog Crates


Midwest Dog Crate Finishes

There are different finishes done on Midwest dog crates and this will depend on the material used in making the crate.

For metal crates, there are two types of finishes that can be done and for fabric crates; there is one type of finish.

Powder coating: this is the toughest finish in all the dog crates series and it is used on wire crates. It comes in different colors depending on the type of series that you choose such that if you choose the Ultima Pro, your crate will come in black.

Powder coating is a great finish as it is durable due to its ability to resist the effects of scratching and fading, it protects the environment as it does not use harmful chemicals and it is cost friendly.

Electro coating: this is another type of finish that is used on Midwest wire dog crates. It provides a very uniform finish with great coverage and the ability to resist corrosion.

Fabric finish: this kind of finish is used on dog crates made of fabric such as those in the Canine Camper crates. It is a light-weight finish that is quite durable while improving the appearance of the dog crate.

Midwest Dog Crates Pans

Dog crate pans can be quite hard to clean and this can negatively affect the hygiene of your dog and can lead to the dog crate having a persistent dog smell.

To prevent such situations, Midwest dog crates come with an ABS plastic pan for easy cleanup in the event of an accident. The advantages of these pans are quite long lasting and they will provide your dog with a comfortable place on which to lie.

Plastics are known to absorb smells and this can make the dog crate have a persistent dog smell. However, this is not the case with this leakproof plastic pan, which does not absorb smells and thus they ensure that your dog is kept in sanitary conditions.

Midwest Dog Crate Strength

When getting a dog crate for your dog, it is important to take into consideration the personality and the size of your dog.

For dogs that like to play rough, you will need a crate that can withstand impacts without falling apart and where your dog is quite calm, you will not require a very strong crate.

If you are looking to travel with your dog, it is imperative that you get a suitable crate series for safety purposes. Midwest dog crates have collections offering varying levels of strength.

Extra light duty: this kind of dog crate has been made of fabric and has been designed to hold dogs that are mild-mannered.

They work great for Canine Camper dogs and you can use these crates for traveling purposes. However, they are not ideal for puppies and dogs that love chewing as they can easily break out of such a crate.

Light duty: the next level of strength in the Midwest dog crate series is the light duty crate which is made of wires. These are ideal for use if you wish to housetrain your puppy or if you have an adult dog with a mild temperament.

They are also great for security purposes for mild mannered dogs and they can be used for traveling due to their light nature.

Medium duty: these crates work best for older puppies as well as dogs with an average temperament. They provide adequate security to your dog and they can be used for traveling as they are not very heavy as they are also made of wires.

Heavy duty: these crates have been designed for adult dogs that have not undergone training as well as dogs that are very active in nature.

They are made of heavy duty wiring that can withstand impacts, providing maximum security to your dog. They are also great for traveling due to their ability to withstand impacts.

Check out Midwest's video below showcasing the steps they take in order to consistently meet their high-quality standards:

Midwest Dog Crate Styles

There are various styles to choose from depending on the temperament of your dog and where you plan to use the crate.

Fold and carry Midwest dog crates

These are great for use if you plan to travel a lot with your dog as they are portable and they are also quite tough. Made using wire mesh construction, all the panels are connected and thus the crate can be set up in a matter of seconds.

As the name suggests, these crates can easily be folded and carried like you would a briefcase and it helps matters that they are quite light making it convenient to carry. If you wish to use them just for traveling, storing them is an easy task as the breaking down process will only take a few seconds.

No tools are required in setting up and breaking down and you need not worry that the crate will come apart during use as it is made of a very tough material.

Drop-pin Midwest dog crates

If you are looking to set up your dog crate in one place and leave it there, these crates will work for you. They come in six separate panels that can be attached to each other with drop pins in all four corners of each panel.

The assembly process is quite simple and you will not require any tolls during the process. They are quite durable and they provide your dog with security as it cannot break out of the crate.

Soft-sided Midwest dog crates

These crates are also known as tent crates or pop up crates and they work well for mild-mannered dogs. They are very light in weight which makes them great for use for traveling purposes and they come with a free bag which you can use to carry them when they are not in use.

They are very versatile and they can be used for the indoors and outdoors as well, saving you the costs involved in buying different crates for different purposes. These crates cannot be used for rough dogs or dogs that chew on crates as they can easily get out of the crate.

Midwest Dog Crates

Midwest Crate Sizes

Midwest dog crates come in various sizes and you can choose one depending on the amount of space required to make your dog comfortable. To get to know what size works best for your dog, measure your dog’s height, weight, length, and width.

A good crate size should have the ability to hold your dog’s weight without falling apart and should allow your dog to turn, stretch and move inside the crate comfortably without hitting the sides.

A good dog crate size will not be too big as big crates can come with negative impacts. If your crate is too big, your dog may feel quite comfortable to use the extra space like a bathroom while using the remaining space for sleeping.

In this way, any efforts that you had put into housebreaking your dog will have gone to waste. Too much crate space can also make your dog feel lonely as there is too much room and nobody to share it with.

A small crate will make your dog feel cramped and will make it anxious in the process. The wrong crate size will negatively impact your dog’s crating experience and you will find that your dog may start to avoid the crate.

Once you have decided on the right dog crate size by getting your dog’s dimensions, you can go ahead and choose a crate from the wide array of sizes offered.

18-22 inch Sized Crate

This size has been designed to hold dogs that are extra small and weigh about 2 to 10 pounds. Examples of dogs that can use this crate are Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terriers.

If you put such dogs in a bigger crate, you will end up carrying a lot of weight and they are likely to relieve themselves in the extra space.

24 inch Sized Crate

This size is for breeds that are just a little bigger than extra small dogs and it can hold dogs that weigh an average of 11 to 25 pounds. You can use this crate to carry dogs such as Pugs and the Shih Tzu.

30 inch Sized Crate

For dogs that weigh between 26 and 40 pounds, this dog crate will serve them well. It has been designed to fit medium-sized dogs such as the Shetland Sheepdog and Dachshund.

36 inch Sized Crate

Designed to hold dogs that are intermediate in size, this size of crate can accommodate dogs that have an average weight that lies between 41 pounds and 70 pounds. It can be used for dogs the size of the Beagle and Bulldog.

42 inch Sized Crate

Large dogs will feel comfortable in this crate that can hold dogs that weigh between 71 and 90 pounds. You can use this size for dogs such as Boxers and Labrador Retrievers.

48 inch Sized Crate

This crate can hold extra large dogs that weigh between 91 and 110 pounds. Examples of dogs that can comfortably fit in this crate are German Shepherds and Rottweilers.

54 inch Sized Crate

If your dog is greater in size than extra large dogs, worry not as this crate will hold it perfectly. This crate has been built to fit dogs that weigh over 110 pounds and can be used to contain dogs such as Great Danes and Mastiffs.


Let us take you through the different models of dog crates by Midwest Metals and the features and advantages associated with each model.

Midwest Canine Camper Series

The crates in this series are great for use for traveling purposes as they come with features to make portability easy.

The crates in this series are soft-sided which makes them comfortable for your dog. They can hold dogs that weigh between 4 and 90 pounds and are not ideal for rowdy dogs or chewers.


The crates can easily be transported as they are made from a material that is light-weight in nature.

It is also quite easy to carry them as they come with a comfortable plastic carrying handle for easy portability and you can fold up the crate when it is not in use.


Though made of a light-weight material, these crates can stand on their own without coming apart as the manufacturer has used a steel frame to keep the crate together.

The material used in the design of the crate is also water resistant and thus you should not worry about facing damage from moisture when you use the crate outdoors.


The soft sides of the crate enable your dog to be comfortable while in the crate and the use of mesh on the sides allows cross ventilation of air to keep your dog cool during transportation.

The mesh also allows your dog to see what is happening around it to prevent it from getting anxious.

Midwest iCrate Single Door Folding Crate

If you are looking to house train your dog, this well-built dog crate will work for you and it helps matters that its cost is quite pocket-friendly.

It comes in seven sizes that can hold dogs that weigh anywhere between 1 pound and 110 pounds.


This crate is made of wires and is lighter when compared to other wire crates in the Midwest dog crates series. This lightness is attributed to the fact that the wiring used on this crate is widely spaced as compared to other crates.

This crate will work well for mild-mannered dogs. If your dog tends to break out of crates, consider investing in the Life Stage dog crates series.

This dog crate folds, which makes it quite easy to store when the crate is not in use. You will not require any tools to set it up or break it down.

You can also carry your dog easily due to the lightness of the crate and this makes it great for use in traveling.


The secure slide bolt latch system used in locking the crate is quite simple but it is also very hard for a dog to open. This will help keep your pet safe and secure.

The crate has rounded corners to ensure that no harm comes to you or your dog during the use of the crate. It comes with one door to make the entrance and exit quite simple for your dog.


An ABS plastic pan is provided with the crate. Not only is it easy to clean but it is also water resistant which means that any spills that your dog makes will be contained in the crate.

A pan-stop mechanism is used to securely hold the pan in place. This prevents it from spilling messes. The stop mechanism can also be unclipped for cleaning purposes.

Dividing panel

To ensure that you provide your dog only the space it needs, a dividing panel has been included in the package which allows you to adjust the size of space as your dog grows. In this way, you will only need one crate for the entire life of your dog.

Midwest iCrate Double Door Folding Crate

This crate by Midwest Homes for Pets comes with all the benefits that you can get from the single door Midwest iCrate folding metal dog crate, with the added benefit of having an extra door on the side.

It comes in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large and can hold dogs that weigh anywhere between 1 pound and 110 pounds.

Two doors

Where in the single door dog crate you are forced to place the crate in a manner that the end door must be accessible, the double door Midwest iCrate folder metal dog crates allow you to place it in a way that the end door is blocked but the side door is accessible.

This works great for you where you are trying to save on space and using the side door will minimize the space taken up by the crate, especially if you have a very big dog crate.

Other features like those in the single door dog crate include a secure latch system, easy assembly and taking-down, a dividing panel, a removable ABS plastic pan, and electro-coating.

Midwest Life Stages Single Door Crate

The Midwest Life Stages single door crate is a great purchase for training because you can adjust the usable space with a dividing panel as your puppy grows.

This helps you housebreak your dog by keeping it from using extra space for relieving itself and it saves you a lot of money that would have been used in getting a bigger crate each time your dog increased in size.

You will have your puppy crate trained in no time. It can hold dogs that weigh between 11 pounds and 110 pounds.


By use of an ABS pan that can be removed for cleaning convenience, this crate allows you to keep your dog in hygienic conditions. The pan is also leak proof and does not absorb the smells emitted by your dog, allowing the crate to remain fresh.


The dividing panel allows you to decide how much space your dog will use and you can easily set up or fold down the crate without the need for tools. It is quite strong and the wiring spacing is done quite closely.

This allows your dog to be safely inside the crate while giving it adequate air for ventilation. It includes a carrying handles for use when transporting your dog or the crate.

The door has twin latches to ensure that your dog is properly secured in the crate. If you are looking for an attractive and durable crate that will reliably serve you over your dog’s life, Midwest Life Stages single door crate is it.

Midwest Life Stages Double Door Crate

This versatile crate offers many features to you coupled with an extra benefit of having a side door. The side door allows you to have more options on how to place the crate in a room.

It comes in the sizes 24” all the way to 48” and it also comes with a dividing panel for adjustable space allocation.


It is quite easy to set up and break down and you will not require any tools in the process. It is made of spaced wires that not only enables your dog to have adequate ventilation while in the crate but also allow it to take part in what is happening around it to prevent your pet from getting lonely.


If you get this crate when your dog is a puppy, you will use it even when your dog increases in size thanks to the dividing panel.

To make this possible, the wiring has been finished using an electro coat which is not only attractive but it also ensures that you get a lifetime of service from the crate as it is resistant to fading and corrosion.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning this crate is quite easy as it comes equipped with an ABS plastic pan which prevents spills from leaking out of the crate and the pan is removable to make the cleaning process a breeze.

Single Door Life Stages ACE Folding Dog Crates

This crate works for dogs that weigh between 1 pound and 110 pounds and it comes with a very secure lock system. It is also quite portable with a ‘fold and carry’ design which allows you to carry it with you when traveling.


It uses a MAXlock security system on its door which your dog cannot find its way around, ensuring that your dog remains in the crate. The wiring used in the crate is very sturdy and your dog cannot chew or bang its way out.

Dividing panel

You can easily house break your dog with this crate by sectioning the appropriate amount of space to your dog to help it control its bowel movements. This also allows you to save on costs incurred in buying bigger sized crates as your dog grows.

Other features that you can get from this crate include an ABS plastic pan, electro-coat finishes, and adequate ventilation.

Life Stages ACE Double Door Folding Dog Crate

This crate can be used for many purposes due to its sturdy yet portable nature and those uses include traveling, use indoors and use outdoors. It can accommodate dogs that weigh an average of between 1 pound and 110 pounds.

The added advantage that you get from using this crate as opposed to using the Life Stages ACE single door folding metal dog crates, is that it comes equipped with two doors.

Two doors

If you are short on space and you require placing the crate in a way that the end door will be blocked, this crate will come in handy as it allows you to use the side door as the main entrance to the crate. Two doors also allow you to have the flexibility of having multiple entry points for your dog.

Other features of this crate are like those that you will find in the life stages ACE single door folding dog crate. This includes the MAXlock system in the end door, a dividing panel, an electro coat finish, an ABS plastic pan, and ease of assembly.

Midwest Ovation Dog Crates

These crates come with a unique sliding door for ease of entry and exit for your dog. The sliding door allows you to leave the door open for your dog to get in and out of the crate as it pleases.

Where you wish to contain your dog, the door can be securely locked. The security of the crate is also enhanced by the secure channel rails which are easy for you to open and they make it hard for your dog to escape.

The sliding door technique also saves on the space taken up by the crate. This crate comes in 5 sizes for dogs that weigh between 11 pounds and 110 pounds.

Folding design

When you do not need to use the crate and you do not wish to use up much space in storage, you can easily fold the crate down without using tools and put it away.

This also helps when you are traveling and you do not wish to carry the crate around in its full size. The crate can be carried with ease as it comes with handles that can be clipped on for carrying purposes.


The crate has been made of heavy duty wiring to ensure that it lasts for a long time. It also comes with a dividing panel to allow you to use it throughout the various life stages of your dog.

The ABS pan used in the crate is water resistant and leak proof which contributes to the good hygiene of your dog as well as the durability of the crate.

Midwest SUV Crates

These crates have been designed in a manner that allows them to fit side by side in the back of vans and SUVs. There are two models available in the series and though they differ in size, they both have a width of 21" which gives a total of 42" if the two are put side by side.

The crates have 2 doors to allow you flexibility on how you will use the crate. They serve dogs with an average weight that lies between 30 pounds and 90 pounds.


Given that they are used for traveling purposes, the crates have been designed in a manner that they stay stable throughout your journey. This provides safety to both you and your dog in the case of a collision.


The crates come with a folding design which allows you to transport them easily from the car to the house where you no longer wish to use them. You can also use the crates indoors if you please. The two-door design gives you multiple entry and exit choices.

The crates are very secure and your dog will not be able to leave the crate while you are traveling. An ABS pan has been fit in the crate to ensure that messes made in the crates while traveling do not get to your car.

Midwest Ultima Pro Dog Crate

If you have trouble containing your dog with other kinds of crates, this is the crate for you. Made with heavy duty wiring that is very closely spaced, this crate offers your dog maximum security while allowing it to have adequate ventilation and visibility while in the crate.

Heavy duty

This crate is much heavier when compared to other crates due to the strength of the steel used in its construction. Try as your dog might, your pet has met its match in preventing chewing its way out of this crate.

The sturdiness of the crate ensures that the crate can be used for a very long time to come. It is also resistant to corrosion as well as the effects of fading and scratching.

Double Door Dog Crate

Where you wish to have convenience in the way your dog enters the crate, you can place this crate in a way that all doors are accessible to your dog.

It also allows you to choose what door will be the main entry point if you wish to save on space. Other features include an ABS pan, carrying handles, powder coating and a 'fold and carry' design.

For dogs that weigh above 110 pounds, Midwest dog crates have the following series:

Midwest Ginormous Double Door Crate

If you have a dog that weighs more than 110 pounds, this 54” crate will be able to secure your dog. The Midwest SL54DD is a ginormous dog crate. This XXL dog crate is durable, easy to assemble, secure and comes with a removable ABS plastic pan.

Midwest Colossal Dog Crate

Also designed to house giant dogs, this crate stands at 54 inches and can be used to contain giant breeds such as the Great Danes.  It is quite easy to assemble and comes with a very secure lock.

Other Midwest Products

There are various pet products other than the classic dog crate. Here are a few:

Exercise Pens

The Midwest exercise pen is an excellent choice when wanting to provide your pet exercise, inside or outside. Either when temporarily inside with breakables around or when you travel with your dog and want to allow a space for them to safety play outdoors. They are easy to set up and pack away into a small space.

Travel Carriers

Midwest also offers travel options such as the Spree Travel Carrier. This is a fun travel carrier. It is light, comes with a handle and is perfect for bringing your pet with you on your trips.

Dog Beds

Midwest has a number of pet beds. These include the Quiet Time series, as well as the bolstered and non-bolstered series. The Quiet Time pet bed are basic, lightweight models that provide comfort to your pet while they are in their crate.

Crate Covers

A good dog crate cover will further the den-like feeling that your dog may prefer if their crate is in a higher traffic area. Midwest offers a dark crate cover that provides this benefit and is a reasonable price. of course, if you prefer you can check out other patterns here.

Replacement Pans

Midwest has replacement pans for all of its dog crate models. If you need a handy guide to figure out which pan you need, you can click here. Although each dog crate comes with a leakproof pan, and they are incredibly durable, extended or rigorous use sometimes means that they need replacing.


Midwest has a wide variety of accessories. This section is not meant to be exhaustive, rather an introduction to a few of their products. They range from water bowls, various grooming supplies, and dog crate caster wheels.

Other Containment

Other cages provide a variety of containment options for smaller animals such as birds, rodents, and reptiles.

Midwest used to have several bird cages in its arsenal but has since reduced its offering to the Hen Haven chicken coop. Although this is disappointing, there are other models of bird cages available here.

If you are searching for a larger outdoor containment option for your dog, Midwest does have an offering. They have a K-9 chain-link pet kennel.


Crating your dog comes with numerous benefits such as housebreaking, monitoring of your dog, reduction of separation anxiety and allowing your dog to have privacy. Midwest dog crates have been designed to offer your dog an enjoyable crating experience while ensuring safety and durability.

When creating a home for pets, you need to find a reliable and trusted manufacturer. For long lasting, good looking and cost friendly dog crates, look no further than Midwest for your crating and other pet product needs.

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