Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews

About Us


Trusted since 2002, Pet Crates Direct is family-owned and operated online pet supply company. It is our goal to provide you and your pet with a large selection of competitively priced, quality products, from trusted and responsible manufacturers.


You may have noticed that you cannot add products to your cart anymore. Since 2002 we have endeavored to provide quality sourced products at the lowest price available. In the emerging world of Amazon and other large online retailers, the market has changed dramatically.

These days manufacturers are increasingly choosing to sell direct to customers via Amazon and other marketplaces. Sometimes 3rd party Sellers sell at a loss, until they capture the primary spot on an Amazon listing. Other times the manufacturer decides to open their own online store. We totally understand and respect all of these decisions.  

As a small American business, we are no longer interested in a race to the bottom and have decided to shift our resources to help you on your journey to find the lowest price. It has become clear that we can best help our loyal customers and readers by using our connections and deep insight to provide you with the best deals on pet products. 

So instead of battling our partners, we have decided to adjust our partnerships from being our vendors, to being our Affiliates. So the very products we have come to love over the years will now provide Pet Crates Direct with a small commission, while allowing our customers to be guaranteed the absolute lowest prices on the market! It is a win-win and we are excited about it! 

We are happy to always ensure that our customers get the lowest prices for their favorite pet products. So continue to browse our product pages and articles with the confidence that you will find the lowest prices on the products you love.  


With so many online shopping choices available to you, we understand and have appreciated the importance of every order that we processed in our history up to this point. Behind each order is an extended member of our large, pet-loving family and we hope you stick with us as we shift our focus to helping you more directly.

We have had many repeat customers through the years. We often acquired new customers based on recommendations to friends, family members and colleagues from folks like you, who have trusted us with your online pet product purchases.

We cannot thank you enough for your word-of-mouth recommendations, continued patronage and the opportunity to be of service to you and your pet. Thank You!

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