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Why Would You Need a Dog Crate Divider?

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Getting a pet crate is a fantastic idea if you are getting a new dog. They have a range of benefits and help when it comes to security, toilet training, and transportation.

Many owners will get a crate and they are becoming more popular as time goes on. They never used to be that accepted but now people are seeing the benefits and how they make life with a dog so much easier (at least at the beginning).

They are particularly useful with puppies as they can be used to crate training and toilet train at the same time. Crate training from the time they’re a puppy is a fantastic idea because it conditions the dog from an early age.

If you can get them associated with the crate, they will feel completely comfortable in it, even when traveling.

When it comes to housetraining, if the pup is conditioned into believing the crate is their den, they will refuse to poo and wee and will hold it in until they’re outside.

The main issue when you’re crate training puppies is crate sizing, as they will grow up and eventually outgrow the crate. This is where crate dividers come in.

They are an excellent way to segregate a crate so the pup doesn’t outgrow it. This article will be looking at crate divider panels and why they are useful if you have puppies or need to separate a crate. So if you’re still interested, continue to read on.

Purposes of a Crate Divider

There is a range of purposes that a divider panel has and one has already been discussed above briefly (for puppy growth). However, if we are being completely honest, the real main reason why you need a divider is to save you a ton of money.

If you have a pup that is outgrowing a pet crate or you have two dogs that don’t get along, having one crate with a divider is better than having two crates.

If you have a particular big breed of dog, you may end up going through multiple crates, costing you a lot of money. Here are a few of the main reasons again but in more detail.

Puppy Training

So this has been mentioned enough already but it is the main reason as to why you probably need a pet cate divider. They are commonly used with wired crates or crates that are adapted to work with puppies.

It is no secret that puppies can grow very fast and if you are not prepared you will end up going through multiple crates very quickly. This is why you need to plan ahead when investing in a crate and get one that works with a divider.

As the pup grows up you can add the divider at different lengths, expanding the crate with the pup.

If you do this correctly you can make sure that the pup stays crate trained and doesn’t ever feel that they have too much room where they can get away with an “accident”.

It also should be noted that your pup should have enough room to move around at all times and should never feel too confined.

Dog Segregation

Another reason you might want to have a divider panel is to separate two dogs in a single crate.

This might only be the case where you have two smaller breeds or two pups, as it is unlikely you’ll find a crate big enough to fit both medium and larger breeds.

However, if you are budgeting and don’t want the dogs to share the same crate, a divider is a fantastic option.

In addition, if you have two dogs that don’t get along but share the same crate, a divider might come in handy. However, in these circumstances, you should have two separate crates.

The Best Brands for Crate Dividers

As with any crate, there is always a brand that will outperform another. When it comes to divider panels, there are two brands that come to mind. In fact, both of these brands are wired designs and are perfect if you have puppies.

These brands include Midwest, Precision, Petmate, Carlson, Petsafe, Paws & Pals, and they have been featured in these blog posts plenty of times. Hands down, if you’re looking for a crate with a decent divider, check out these brands.


As already mentioned, Midwest specializes in wired crates and are known for their crates when it comes to puppies. They are lightweight and easy to store when you don’t need them.

They also have crate divider with some of the crates, allowing your pups to grow with the crate without the need of buying a new one. Wired crates are also not that expensive and are reasonably priced.

The Midwest Puppy Playpen is a favorite in this category and it allows you to customize the divisions to how you please.

Precision Pet Products

Precision is another favorite brand when it comes to divider panels and crates for pups. Precision was recently bought by Petmate. They have a lot of high-quality wired crates that work great with dividers and puppy growth.

Like Midwest, they are lightweight and easy to move around. When the pup grows up, they can be used for transport and are commonly used in the back of cars.

One of their most popular crates is the Great Crate 3-door which has a ton of features that make it very appealing, including the fact it comes ready with a divider panel, just in case you’re using it with puppies.

Get a Divider if You a Pup!

Having a divider panel is very useful and comes with a number of benefits with the main benefit being that they save you money in the long run, as you won’t have to buy any more crates if you’re raising pups or breeding.

If you try to raise a pup in a crate without a divider, you may end up buying more crates along the way as they get bigger. It is a classic problem that many first-time buyers run into because they failed to plan ahead.

Make sure you don’t make the same mistake and get yourself a divider when you have the chance.

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