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Dog Crate Pans: Why they’re Important and How to Use Them

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Getting a dog crate is a fantastic idea and it has a lot of benefits. Some of the main benefits that are included with a pet crate include toilet training and portability. They allow you to effectively train new dogs to go to the toilet outside and also make it possible for them to travel with you on the plane. Many people will get them for a specific purpose but they are, in general, a very useful thing to have.

Whether you are toilet training or taking your dog to the park, one thing is for sure: the crate will get very messy. If you have not trained your dog properly the first time around, they may soil themselves in the crate. In addition, if you are taking the dog to the park where it could be incredibly muddy, your nice, new crate won’t look so new anymore. So when you get your pet crate, you need to make sure you have all the necessary accessories to help when it comes to clean-up. Once such accessory is a crate pan.

A crate pan is a fantastic way to make the cleaning process a whole lot easier. This article will be looking at dog crate pans in-depth and why they are important if you have a particularly messy dog. They are inexpensive and are a necessity if you own a dog crate. To learn more, continue to read the article.

Benefits of a Crate Pan

So, as we have already briefly mentioned in this article, crate pans have something to do with the cleaning of the crate. In fact, they make the whole thing a lot easier. A crate pan is essentially a slide out tray that sits on the base of the crate. Your dog then sits on the base. So, when they happen to be a little mucky or they accidentally soil themselves in the crate, all you need to do is slide it out. It’s as simple as that. They are very helpful for a number of reasons, including these ones.

Toilet Training

When it comes to a crate pan, one of the first uses you’ll have it for is toilet training (if your dog is not already toilet trained). When you are training your dog not to go in the house, you need to teach it that the crate is its den. Dogs instinctively will not “mess” in their dens, so making that association is very important.

This is usually achieved through consistent conditioning, where you associate the crate with the feelings of pleasure. Over time, the dog learns that the crate is their den and they will refuse to soil in it. However, during the process, you may find that your dog just can’t hold it in. Although this is a rarity, it can happen and when it does you will have to clean the crate. With a pan, things become a lot easier.

When your dog soils themselves, you will have to wash the bedding and pull out the pan. Both can be washed quickly and easily while you keep your dog outside. This is particularly useful if you have a wired crate because the feces will fall right through. Something you don’t need if you have new carpet.

Muddy Walks

One of the main purposes of a dog crate is for portability, whether it be by plane or by car. If you enjoy taking your dog down to the local park, a pet crate is a useful tool to have to aid with transport. However, although having the crate there with you is helpful, putting a muddy dog inside is not.

If you have been to the park or on a walk when it’s raining, you may find that your dog has accidentally (or intentionally) picked up a lot of mud and dirt. This is not good when you have just bought a new crate and don’t want to get it dirty. However, saying this, it is better for it to stay in the crate then over your clean seats.

Although cleaning the crate when you get home is a pain, it can be made a lot easier with a crate pan. If your dog is soaking wet with dripping mud, the crate pan should be able to catch the majority of the juices. All you need to do is slide it out and give it a clean and the Job’s done. Of course, you will need to scrub the sides but that, unfortunately, cannot be avoided.

During Airline Travel

Airline travel is probably the main reason individuals purchase a dog crate. Without one, you won’t be able to fly with your dog which can be an issue if you plan on moving countries. There are a number of airline approved dog crates on the market and it is necessary that you buy a pet crate pan for the flight ahead.

Even if your dog is well trained in their crate, there is still the chance of them soiling themselves when they are mid-flight. If it is their first flight they are bound to be anxious and scared and when this happens they could make an accident. This is no fault of their own and is not the result of your crate training. Sometimes, animals just get scared.

Thankfully, if you have a crate pan the mess will not be that hard to clean up and the airline will probably thank you for it.

Getting a Pet Crate Pan

Having a pet crate pan is very important and will help you clean up mess a whole lot easier. To be completely honest, crate pans are usually used with wired crates because the dirt from the dog tends to fall through the bottom. However, brands like Zinger also make them, so they can be used with a variety of materials.

When it comes to crate pans, you can either get plastic or metal and it will be down to personal preference as to which one you to choose to get. One thing is for sure though: when you get a crate pan cleaning is made easy.

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