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How to Choose the Best Dog Crate for Traveling

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How to Choose the Best Crate for Traveling

Your dog is your best friend, and it's hard to leave them alone for long periods of time when you need to travel. 

In many cases, you have no choice whether or not they tag along. 

Finding the best dog crate for traveling is the most important aspect of a safe transport for your furry friend. 

This time we're looking at all the features and logistics in obtaining a reliable dog crate that not only fits your own needs but the needs of your pup. 

What Can a Good Crate Do for You? 

Consider the facts.

If you're on the road, you have a 29% chance of being distracted by your dog, and no one can afford to heighten their chances of being in a serious car accident. 

Besides providing extra protection to any dangers you may encounter while traveling, the best dog crate always offers other functions to put your worries aside.

These crates have many uses other than containing your animal. 

By hooking your buddy up with a water bowl, dog food, and even a urine pan, you're no longer burdened with too many tasks when trying to get to one place from another. 

What Features Should You Look For? 

Firstly, it needs to be comfortable for your dog. 

Long trips are already stressful, you'll want to make sure they have an easy time relaxing whether in the back of a car or in the passenger cargo bay of a plane. 

For those of us who fly, keep in mind how the rates for your dog crate is a huge price factor. Finding a light material is helpful for you to save some money. 

You'll also want a lightweight kennel, something that's easy to clean since you're on the move.

Here are some types of kennels you should look for:

  • A soft crate
  • Heavy duty plastics
  • Metal 

A Soft Crate (Tiny to Small Sized Dogs)

Typically, a travel kennel should be made from a rigid material like plastic or metal to protect your dog from harm's way.

But, if your dog is small enough, a soft crate is the best dog crate for you. 

It allows them to stay in a crate that's comfortable enough to sit in your lap. Many airlines are fine with this in the cabin, and it keeps them in your care at all times. 

Although, these crates are not ideal for the cargo bay of a plane whatsoever. For that, we have other suggestions. 

Heavy Duty Plastics (Small to Medium Sized Dogs)

These are some of the best crates on the market for a variety of reasons. 

Plastic crates are not only sturdy but on the cheaper side compared to other kennels. Not only that, these guys usually meet the airline requirements to fly. 

A heavy duty plastic is durable, protecting your pet from an array of dangers in a car or plane. Also, they're super easy to clean. 

These kennels fit the needs of most dog breeds, keeping them secure and equipped with side air vents.

To adjust the comfort level, look into buying a soft mat or pillow to fit inside. 

Metal/Wire Crates (Large Sized Dogs)

Much like the plastic crates, these kennels are durable and easy to clean. 

You'll have access and the ability to lock it up on all sides, and as an added bonus for drivers, you'll be able to keep an eye on your pet from all angles. 

The right metal crate is lightweight but uncomfortable if you don't invest in mats or pillows. These are also great for puppies you know will grow in time, making these crates timeless. 

Understanding the Measurements for Your Pet

Here's a good tip, always pick the larger size if your pet is in between the two. 

Your kennel needs to be big enough for him or her to act without any real restrictions. This includes sitting, standing, lying down, and turning around. 

Remember, the more space and airflow you allow, the more your pet will feel comfortable and safe. Hence, the trip will be a lot easier. 

Make sure they can extend their paws, see outside the crate without ducking, and able to get a great amount of air flow. 

For more information on crate measurements, check out this chart

Double Checking with Airline Requirements

When flying with your pet, you'll want to make sure your best dog crate meets the requirements before arriving at the airport. 

Here's a quick checklist for your kennel: 

  • It's made of a hard material with a solid cover.
  • The door needs to be made of metal and have a secure lock.
  • The kennel needs to be in good condition and fully assembled. 
  • It needs to be assembled with metal nuts and bolts, plastic side latches don't apply unless they have this feature. 
  • The crate has two accessible water dishes inside the door. 
  • The kennel needs to be leak-proof. 

The U.S. Department of Transportation also suggests not feeding your dog solid food six hours prior to the flight and letting the pilot and crew know there's a dog in the cargo bay before departure. 

Get the Best Dog Crate Today

While using a kennel is a good idea when training your dog, they'll always be necessary when you need to travel. 

We know how hard it is to travel with a pet, and we offer dozens of Kennels to meet the needs to provide you with the best dog crate. 

The hassle of carrying your furry friend around will no longer be as big of a burden as it once was before. 

Feel free to contact us for any help towards picking out the right travel crate. 

Do you travel often with a canine friend? Do you have any advice about picking out the right travel crate? 

Leave a comment and let us know! 

And share this article with your family and friends who have to travel with their pets. 

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