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How To Choose Best Small Dog Carriers

  The small dog carrier you choose ideally gives good ventilation to your dog, transports your dog in a safe posture, is fabricated to hold the weight of your dog's breed, is suitable for your local weather, securely restrains him, and allows you to comfortable carry your pet. No matter which carrier you select, your dog should wear a collar of some kind and you should have a leash handy. Many small dog carriers have compartments where a leash could be stored allowing you to be hands free as you transport your pet, yet maintain a leash in the event...

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Everything You Need To Know About Pet Crates - The Ultimate 2018 Guide

Pet crates are one of the best things to get if you have a cat or dog. They are so useful and not enough people use them. Pet crates provide you and your pet with an array of benefits and there are a ton of things you couldn’t do without one. They are often seen as a cruel means to confine the animal and restrict them from freedom. However, they actually can be incredibly helpful for a variety of reasons, especially if you have a pup who is experiencing a new environment. Pet crates come in a range of sizes...

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Everything You Need to Know About Guide Dog Training in 2017-2018

Guide dogs are one of the more respected dogs in the world for their intelligence and willingness to help individuals who have particular disabilities. They are picked from birth with specific qualities that make them excellent for training and grow up to be a great help to society. In most cases, only certain breeds will become guide dogs because of their ability to follow commands and learn quickly. Out of all the breeds, you are likely to see Retrievers and German Shepherds helping blind individuals around the streets. The training process for guide dogs is long and difficult and not...

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Your Dog's Food

How to Choose What you feed your dog is one of the most important factors in taking care of them. It is important that your dog gets the best dog food that will give them a balanced diet. Feeding your dog properly will go a long way in reducing the cost of vet care and increasing their life expectancy. Because dog food is so important in taking care of a dog, you can't afford to take for granted what you feed your dog. You should make the extra effort and buy the best dog food you can find. If you...

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The 5 Coolest Dog Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog Today

Dogs are lovable animals and as an owner, you will know how smart (and how stupid) they can be from time to time. Although they can do silly things, it is important to know that dogs are actually very smart animals and can quickly pick on commands and cues. In particular, they are very good at learning tricks, especially when there’s food involved. If you have the patience and the knowledge you can train your dog to do all sorts of tricks. All the way from the standard “sit” to the immense “backflip”. If you are giving them correct praise...

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