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Precision Replacement Pan - Finding the Right one for your Dog Crate model

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People frequently ask what pans fit with their particular Precision Replacement Pan. Precision has designed their crates to 6 different sizes of replacement pans that work across their models. Although this helps the customer a lot, it can still be a bit confusing.

To help give our customers confidence in their purchase before pressing the buy button we have provided the tables below for reference. They are sorted by Precision Dog Crate models. If you do not see your model below you can still find the correct size pan by getting the dimensions of your crate and choosing the corresponding pan's link.

 Looking for another brand? Click here.

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Great Crate Elite 3-door*

1132-11342 GREAT CRATE ELITE 3-DOOR 24"  24x18x20 2000
1132-11343 GREAT CRATE ELITE 3-DOOR 30"  30x19x22 3000
1132-11344 GREAT CRATE ELITE 3-DOOR 36"  36x23x26 4000
1132-11345 GREAT CRATE ELITE 3-DOOR 42" 42x28x31 5000
1132-11346 GREAT CRATE ELITE 3-DOOR 48" 48x30x33 6000


Great Crate Elite 2-door*

1125-GRC1000BLK GREAT CRATE 2-DOOR 19" 19x12x15 1000
1125-GRC2000BLK GREAT CRATE 2-DOOR 24" 24x18x20 2000
1125-GRC3000BLK GREAT CRATE 2-DOOR 30"  30x19x21 3000
1125-GRC4000BLK GREAT CRATE 2-DOOR 36" 36x23x26 4000
1125-GRC5000BLK GREAT CRATE 2-DOOR 42" 42x28x31 5000
1125-GRC6000BLK GREAT CRATE 2-DOOR 48" 48x30x32 6000


ProValu 2-door*

1127-11271 PROVALU 2-DOOR CRATE 19"  19x12x14 1000
1127-11272 PROVALU 2-DOOR CRATE 24" 24x18x19 2000
1127-11273 PROVALU 2-DOOR CRATE 30" 30x19x21 3000
1127-11274 PROVALU 2-DOOR CRATE 36" 36x23x25 4000
1127-11275 PROVALU 2-DOOR CRATE 42" 42x28x30 5000
1127-11276 PROVALU 2-DOOR CRATE 48" 48x30x32 6000



1125-11241 PROVALU CRATE 19" 19x12x14 1000
1125-11242 PROVALU CRATE 24" 24x18x19 2000
1125-11243 PROVALU CRATE 30" 30x19x21 3000
1125-11244 PROVALU CRATE 36" 36x23x25 4000
1125-11245 PROVALU CRATE 42" 42x28x30 5000
1125-11246 PROVALU CRATE 48" 48x30x32 6000


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