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How to Select Sturdy, Accessible Indoor Dog Gates for Your Home


Dogs are the ultimate pets, as is evident from the 48 million households that own a dog. Dogs offer comfort, security, and, best of all, unconditional love. Of course, once you become a dog owner, you'll quickly learn that providing love and safety goes both ways.

Any responsible dog owner takes the necessary precautions to ensure their dog doesn't fall into harm's way. That includes proper training, and sometimes, creating a controlled and stable environment.

This is where indoor dog gates come in. Pet gates are indispensable tools to control your dog's accessibility within your home. However, pet gates come in varying degrees of quality.

Different types of indoor dog gates serve various needs. Here's how to choose the right indoor gate for your pooch. Read on to discover more.

Types of Gate

When choosing a sturdy and accessible pet gate, it's crucial to ensure safety, security, and convenience. What are your options for indoor dog gates?

Retractable Gate

If you are looking for a versatile pet gate that saves space, consider a retractable gate. These gates feature a mesh or fabric panel. This allows you to pull it across openings and retract it when not in use.

Retractable gates have a sleek and minimalistic design. This makes it ideal for small homes or apartments. It's also easy to install and set up.

However, a retractable gate isn't as sturdy as other pet gates. It can become a tripping hazard if you do not retract it right.

Free-Standing Gate

The free-standing gate is the easiest and simplest option. It is a standalone unit that does not need any installation. In a basic sense, you only need to put this in place.

For instance, your dog comes in after playing in the mud. You can stop it from getting inside by placing the free-standing gate by the door. This gives you enough time to clean your dog before letting it in.

A free-standing gate is ideal for temporary blockage of areas or creating boundaries. However, this is not suitable for large dogs that often knock over obstacles.

Pressure-Mounted Gate

If you need a pet gate stronger than free-standing, a pressure-mounted gate is your best option. It uses tension to keep in place, often between walls or doorframes.

It is easy to install and remove without damaging your walls. In most cases, you do not need any tools to set it up. This is best for renters who can't drill holes into their walls.

Hardware-Mounted Gate

As its name suggests, a hardware-mounted gate requires screws and brackets to secure it in place. This offers the highest level of stability and security.

This makes them suitable for blocking off doorways or staircases. A hardware-mounted gate provides peace of mind for pet owners worried about their dog's safety.

The only catch is that this can be tricky to install. If you do not want to damage your walls, stick with a pressure-mounted gate.

However, it is crucial to remember that a hardware-mounted gate is more stable and secure. It is the ideal option if you have a large dog. If your big dog is playing with a friend in the yard, you can use this to prevent them from making a mess in your home.


The ideal pet gate must have durable, pet-safe materials to withstand wear and tear. This ensures longevity and safety for everyone, reducing the risk of injury. Pet gates can come in wood, metal, and plastic, but how do they differ?

A wooden gate offers more visual appeal and blends well with home décor. A metal gate is more durable and suitable if you have a large or energetic dog. A plastic gate is lightweight and easy to clean but is not as durable as a wooden or metal gate.

Size and Height

Pet gates help you set boundaries to prevent accidents and misbehavior. Even some of the biggest dog lovers would prefer not to have dogs in the kitchen, and some dogs will run to the street when given the chance. In some cases, a pet gate can be life-saving for dogs.

That's why it's essential to choose the right height and size. It's also best to choose a pet gate that your dog cannot jump over.

First, measure the area where you want to install the pet gate to ensure proper fit. Keep those dimensions in mind and look for an indoor dog gate that fits the space.

Whether big or small, a low gate cannot contain your pet. A high pet gate is more challenging to navigate, preventing escape artists from getting out of their designated safe zones. 

Don't forget to be mindful of the gaps, especially if you have a small to medium-sized dog. Small dogs can easily pass through wide gaps or get stuck between them.

Ease of Installation

Do you need a permanent gate or one you move and put away? Are you a renter who plans to move to a different home or apartment? Choose a gate that fits your lifestyle and preferences.

If your dog is well-trained and understands boundaries, you may be able to settle for a retractable or free-standing gate. Pressure-mounted gates are easy to install and move around. A hardware-mounted gate offers a more secure and permanent solution.

For gate safety, choose a design without sharp edges. These can cause an injury or accident, harming your furry friend.

Pet gates are a great way for owners to give their dogs their own "room." Make it more comfortable for your dog by investing in a quality pet bed.

Find the Best Indoor Dog Gates Today

Getting indoor dog gates is a great investment for your home's peace and your dog's safety. It serves as a great training tool and can help you protect your dog from hazards in and out of your home.

Pet Crates Direct is your one-stop shop for all your pet needs. As fellow animal lovers, we want to help you create warm and loving homes for your pets with quality products. Check out our promo codes to get the best deals on some of our personal faves!

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