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Easy Ways to Create a Luxury Dog Bed in Any Space

Almost all dog lovers can agree that our precious pets deserve the world. At the very least, our dogs should have a safe and comfortable space to rest their heads.

A dog bed is not only a place for them to sleep. It can also provide solace and comfort when your dog feels overwhelmed or anxious.

Upgrading to a luxury dog bed doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Simple changes, like adding plush toys or giving your dog more privacy, can turn it into a worthy place of rest.

This article covers tips on transforming your dog's bed into a little doggy haven. Read on to discover more!

A Place to Call Their Own

Even if your dog is loving and overly affectionate, there are times when they need some alone time. If you have a spare room in your home, consider dedicating it to your dog's needs. You can even place your dog's bed in an existing room, like in the laundry area or a closet.

Don't have a spare room? No problem! Look around your home for spaces that don't see much use. This can be a spot under the stairs or a corner in the living room.

You can install dog gates to establish that area of the home as your dog's "room." From here, you can embellish the space with a nice plant, a collar hanger, or even a metal nameplate. Another way to give your dog their very own space is with a crate.

Invest in a Proper Crate

Not every pet owner has a spare room they can dedicate to their pets. A great alternative that many pet owners use is a dog crate. Crates can be a valuable training tool if you're bringing home a new puppy.

Dog crates aren't cruel or unfair, as long as they're used correctly. Crates can serve as a safe space for dogs that feel anxious about being in a new home. It also helps owners ensure their pups are safe even when they're not around to supervise.

When buying a crate, take your dog's size into account. The crate should be big enough for your dog to stand up, lie down, and walk around.

If your dog isn't accustomed to crates, it may take some time to get them to love their new room. Check out our tips for crate training a dog.

Upcycle Old Furniture

As much as we love our dogs, their beds or crates can sometimes clash with the rest of the home. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your dog's space look more attractive while keeping it comfortable and functional. Doubling your dog's crate as furniture is also a great space-saver if you have a smaller home.

If you have unused cabinets, convert them into a wooden dog crate. You can replace the glass panes with bars or wire for ventilation. If your dog's crate is tall enough to use as a table, lay a panel on top and use it as one.

You can put a plant or picture frame on it to make it look more luxurious.

Get the Right Dog Bed

A luxurious dog room isn't complete without a luxury dog bed. A good dog bed will be an investment in your dog's comfort and happiness. If you have a crate, a bed will contribute to making it a luxury bedroom for your dog.

If your dog prefers to curl up when sleeping, get them a round bed. If they prefer to stretch out, get them a square bed.

A puppy will need a softer bed that's gentle on their growing bodies. Senior dogs and certain giant breeds, like mastiffs and Great Danes, will require a bed with more structure. You can also find orthopedic beds for dogs with special needs.

There are many types of dog beds, ranging from regular beds to walled and caved beds. If you're still in the market for a bed, consider bringing your pup with you!

Some pet stores allow you to bring dogs inside to try the product before purchasing it. You'll know you've found the perfect bed when your dog gets comfortable immediately. It would also help to choose a material that's durable and easy to clean.

Match It to Your Decor

One easy way to make your dog's bed look more luxurious is by matching it to the rest of your interior. Do you have a lot of light-washed wooden furniture? Get a crate or bed stand that matches it.

If your dog has a dedicated corner, give the walls a splash of paint to turn it into an accent wall. Some crates come in minimalistic designs. You can use these if you don't want your dog's bed to look too bulky.

Decorate With Toys

Toys are essential for a dog's enrichment. It can prevent destructive habits like chewing on furniture or snooping through the trash. Toys are also an excellent way to add some visual appeal to your dog's bed.

You can even set up a storage cabinet for your dog's accessories. Aside from toys, you can include treats, collars, leashes, and doggie vests and jackets. When your dog has finished playing with their toy, you can put it away in a cabinet next to their bed.

Add a Curtain

If your dog has a crate, spice it up by hanging a curtain that matches your interior. This is an easy way to upgrade the crate's appearance and it can also benefit your dog!

Some dogs like a little more privacy and curtains can reduce dog anxiety and offer that sense of safety. It's best to use flowy curtains to ensure your dog's crate has enough airflow.

Easy Ways to Set Up a Luxury Dog Bed

Giving your beloved canine a luxury dog bed is a wonderful way to show how much you love them. Dogs appreciate having their own space as much as we do, and these tips can help you provide that for them.

At Pet Crates Direct, we're all about creating safe spaces for pets. Whether it's enclosures, bedding, or toys, we can recommend the best products for your pet. Find our favorites here.

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