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Square vs Round Dog Bed: Which Should You Choose?

Round Pet Bed 

Every night, in homes around the world, dogs drift into dreamland. Whether they're galloping through open fields or simply enjoying an endless belly rub, these dreams are best experienced on the perfect bed.

But here's the million-dollar question: Is it a square or round dog bed? Dive deep with us into the realm of canine comfort as we unveil which bed shape could make your dog's dreams even sweeter.

Ready to discover the secret to perfect puppy slumbers? Let's get started.

Why Dog Bed Shape Matters

Watch your dog sleep (not in a creepy way). Observe their sleeping positions, the stretches, the rolls, and the tight curls. Dogs, like us, each have their comfort zones when it comes to sleeping.

The bed's shape can either be their best sleep buddy or that annoying pea under the mattress. So, let's break down how a dog bed's shape impacts its occupant.


Comfort takes center stage when choosing a dog bed. The shape can be a determining factor. For dogs that enjoy sprawling out, some shapes might be preferable.

On the flip side, those that love to curl up and roll might have other preferences.

Safety and Security

Safety and a sense of security is a significant aspect. Some dogs lean towards the protected feeling, desiring an embrace as they sleep.

The bed's shape can create that perfect cocoon of comfort.

Square Dog Bed: The Nuances

Square dog beds are everywhere. But what do they bring to the table? Let's delve deeper.

Pros of a Square Dog Bed

Square beds snugly fit corners. This can be a boon if you're looking to optimize space in your living area. Dogs that have a penchant for stretching out will find the expanse of a square bed appealing.

Finding bed covers for square beds is often easier for those concerned with aesthetics and cleanliness.

Cons of a Square Dog Bed

While square beds have their merits, they aren't without drawbacks. For dogs that prefer curling up, these might not be ideal. The lack of a sense of enclosure might leave some dogs feeling exposed.

Additionally, an overly enthusiastic dreamer might just find themselves rolling off the edge.

Round Dog Bed: The Details

Let's roll into the round dog bed realm and see what it's all about.

Benefits of a Round Dog Bed

For our canine friends who prefer to curl up like a donut, round beds are a haven. The shape naturally accommodates and hugs them, providing a sense of safety and security. The absence of corners is a subtle benefit, ensuring there's nothing to chew or get snagged on.

Drawbacks of a Round Dog Bed

Space optimization might be an issue with round beds, especially in tight spaces. Dogs that are more into stretching might feel a bit restrained.

Choosing a Dog Bed: The Decision Points

The perfect bed is out there. But how to find it? Here are some things to ponder:

Size of Your Dog

It's not rocket science to understand that a Chihuahua and a Great Dane have different bed needs. The bed's size, dictated by the dog's size, plays a critical role in ensuring comfort. For larger breeds, the bed needs to be spacious, offering ample room to sprawl out and relax.

Smaller breeds, on the other hand, often prefer something a bit more snug and cozy. They might find comfort in smaller spaces, something that cocoons them.

Your Dog's Sleeping Habits

Your dog's sleeping style provides hints about the bed shape they'd prefer. Those that adore curling up into a tight ball, enveloping themselves in warmth and comfort, usually lean towards round beds. It's the shape that complements their curl.

Conversely, dogs that love stretching out, taking up as much space as possible with legs going every which way, might find solace in the spaciousness of a square bed.

Space Constraints in Your Home

Practicalities matter. Your living space configuration can dictate which bed shape works best. If you've got a neat corner or a specific nook where you envision the bed going, a square shape might be more appropriate. It'll fit snugly without any wasted space.

However, if you have a bit more flexibility with space, or perhaps an open area in the center of the room, a round bed could be just the ticket.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Any pet owner will attest that dogs aren't always the cleanest creatures. Mud, drool, fur - it's all part of the package. So, the ease of cleaning and maintenance is a significant consideration.

Look for beds with removable covers, as they make the washing process simpler. Machine-washable materials are a godsend, ensuring that the bed remains fresh and clean with minimal fuss. Remember, a clean bed is not just about aesthetics; it's about your dog's health too.

Regular cleaning can prevent potential skin issues and ensure your pup has a hygienic place to rest.

Mobility and Portability

Moving a dog bed around the home, or even taking it on trips, can be more straightforward with certain shapes. Square beds, given their straightforward design, are often easier to fold and transport. They might fit more predictably in car trunks or when packed for a trip.

Round dog beds, depending on their rigidity, can sometimes be trickier to fold, making them potentially less suitable for frequent travel. If you often relocate your dog's resting place or take the bed on outings, consider how each shape would fare in terms of mobility.

Square or Round Dog Bed - The Final Call

When it comes down to it, the choice between a square and a round dog bed isn't just about aesthetics. It's a gesture of understanding, catering to your dog's comfort, safety, and overall happiness.

Whether you lean towards a square dog bed or see the evident benefits of a round dog bed, remember the goal: to see that contented sigh, the wagging tail, and those drowsy eyes looking up at you with sheer gratitude. Make your choice with love.

Got more pooch ponderings? Don't bark up the wrong tree or chase your tail. Reach out and touch paws with us here!

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