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Petmate Sky Kennel Airline Approved Pet Kennel-Crate-Petmate-400 - large - 36 L x 25 W x 27H
Petmate Sky Kennel Airline Approved Pet Kennel-Crate-Petmate-700 - giant - 48 L x 32 W x 35 H-Pet Crates Direct
Petmate Sky Kennel Airline Approved Pet Kennel-Crate-Petmate-100 - small - 21 L x 16 W x 15 H-Pet Crates Direct
Petmate Sky Kennel Airline Approved Pet Kennel-Crate-Petmate-200 - medium - 28 L x 20.5 W x 21.5 H-Pet Crates Direct
Petmate Sky Kennel Airline Approved Pet Kennel-Crate-Petmate
Petmate Sky Kennel Airline Approved Pet Kennel-Crate-Petmate-Pet Crates Direct
Petmate Sky Kennel Airline Approved Pet Kennel-Crate-Petmate-500 - xlarge - 40 L x 27 W x 30 H-Pet Crates Direct

Petmate Sky Kennel Airline Approved Pet Kennel

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Product Description

The Petmate Sky Kennel is the Airline Approved Dog Kennel most recommended by Petmate Sky Kennel | Best Selling in Airline Approved Categorymajor airlines.  The Petmate Sky Kennel is molded from the same heavy-duty plastic as larger livestock crates, but with added ventilation for safer and more comfortable air travel. No tools are needed for the quick and easy assembly of the Petmate Sky Kennel. 


 For air travelers and those wanting more information, please continue reading on.

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    Sky Kennel Sizes

    #100 (with handle)
    Product Weight: 6.02lbs

    Cats, Toy Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers,
    Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus
    Pets up to 15 Lbs
    #200 (with handle)
    Weight: 12.5lbs
    Beagles, Shelties, Min. Poodles,
    Cockers, Lhasa Apsos
    Pets 25 - 30 Lbs
    #300 (no handle)
    Weight: 16lbs
    Springers, Border Collies, Bull Dogs
    Pets 30 - 50 Lbs
    #400 (no handle)
    Weight: 20.75lbs
    Boxers, Dalmatians, Collies, Airedales,
    Setters, Aust. Shepherds, Dobermans
    Pets 50 - 70 Lbs
    Weight: 30.48lbs
    Afghans, Retrievers, Pointers, Shepherds,
    Pets 70 - 90 Lbs

    Weight: 51.5 lbs

    Irish Wolfhounds, Newfoundlands, St. Bernards,
    Mastiffs, Greyhounds
    Pets 90 - 125 Lbs

    Product Information

    Petmate Sky Kennel Plastic Wing NutsThe Petmate Sky Kennel is one of the best airline-approved dog crates that are available on the market today, meeting most airline requirements. Some airlines now require metal bolts, which are included in our optional Petmate travel kits. It is fully IATA approved for international travel.

    Please Note: Only Models 100 & 700 have square corners; all others are rounded.

    The Intermediate, Large and X-Large sizes are constructed with tie down holes in the corners.

    Only the 100 and 200 Sizes come with a top handle. Some flights now require metal bolts. These kennels come with noncorrosive plastic wing nuts that are very secure and reliable.

    These kennels do include metal bolts but do fit standard-sized hardware. Metal replacements are readily available at your local home improvement/hardware store. 

    Air Travel:

    The Petmate Travel Kit provides a complete line of travel products needed, including thePetmate Sky Kennel Metal nuts and bolts metal suitable bolts. The optional travel gear kit also comes with 12 zip cable ties, an absorbent pad, 2 Live Animal stickers, a shipping identification sticker, a temporary pet ID tag, and a snap-in spill-resistant food and water cup (you may prefer a water bottle for extended flights). Pet parents should always confirm the air travel requirements for each trip.


    • Leak-Proof Bottom
    • Lightweight
    • Eco-friendly
    • Durable wire door for healthy air flow
    • Wire Ventilation windows also promote air flow
    • 400, 500 and 700 Models Come With 4 Point Locking Door latch for Added Security
    • No Tools Needed for Assembly
    • International and Domestic Airline Approved for pet travel. IATA Approved
    • Add a Moisture Magnet: Optional moisture-absorbing pad to keep the trip comfortable and help keep your pet dry. Absorbs 15 times its weight in liquid in case of an accident. Washable. Re-usable.
    • We recommend adding a plush Pet Crate Pad to your airline kennel for maximum comfort.
    • Always check with your airline for specific regulations.
    • Travel Kit comes with 2 'Live Animal' stickers, a water cup, metal wingnuts (non-corrosive plastic wingnuts are standard), meeting all airline requirements.
    • Made in the U.S.A.

    Petmate Sky Kennel 100 CatDespite the name, Sky Kennels are suitable for all kinds of use, which include but are not limited to airline travel, but also potty training, vehicle travel and as a regular crate. What benefits should you expect to get when you use a Sky Kennel?

    Petmate Airline Crates

    From the makers of the Vari Kennel, Pet Porter, Petmate has been making quality pet crates and other pet supplies for a long time. The Sky Kennel for pets is for those that want to travel with their owners and is a perfect addition to this quality line of products suitable for international and domestic airline travel.


    Made of light gray, high quality, heavy duty plastic, this pet carrier will keep your dog safe during traveling. Should the crate get bumped during the flight, you can rest assured that no harm will come to your dog.  This kennel features durable steel wire doors for added security to keep your mind at ease during the flight.

    Long lasting

    Sky kennels are able to withstand the effects of weather and they are also corrosion Petmate Sky Kennelsresistant. The wiring used for ventilation purposes is made of extra strong steel which prevents your dog from chewing its way out of the crate. Warranties for these types of kennels last for years before expiry. The bottom of the crate is leak proof and you do not have to worry about messes spilling onto your floor or the cabin floor.


    A Sky Kennel has a secure latch that ensures your dog stays in the crate throughout the flight. It is made with a heavy duty plastic shell that protects your pet during the flight.


    Airlines insist that dog crates to be used in cabins must have enough inlets for air and this is a measure used to prevent your dog from coming to harm. Lack of sufficient air not only makes dogs anxious but it can also be life-threatening. This sky kennel has ventilation on four sides, ensuring that enough air gets in and out of the crate.

    Petmate Sky Kennel Size Guide


    The sizes of this sky kennel vary and are able to carry small dogs up to an extra large dog. This line is able to crate most breed sizes, meaning you have a chance to get a crate that is the right size for your dog.

    Before getting a crate, ensure that you have measured your dog to get its dimensions which you can then use in crate selection. A good crate allows your dog to turn around in it comfortably which is important for adjustment during the flight.


    This kennel is very light in nature which makes it easy to carry as compared to wired crates. To assemble the crate, you will not be required to use any tools and this makes it easy to set up the crate.

    What are you Waiting For?

    The versatility of this sky kennel makes it possible for you to use it to carry other pets such as cats and rabbits with ease.

    The Sky Kennel is perfect for airline travel when are planning to bring your pet with you for long haul and short haul flights. You will not be disappointed.

    You can get one for other pets by checking out the various sizes of Petmate Sky Kennels available and choosing one which your pet can fit in perfectly. Here is to safe and reliable flights with the Sky Kennel!

    Petmate Sky Kennel product lineup


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