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Vari Kennel Pet Crate
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Vari Kennel Pet Crate

Need help with finding the right size? See our Dog Crate Size Breed Chart.

Product Description

This lightweight, portable pet carrier is perfect for housebreaking, traveling to shows, trials, etc, and for US airline travel for your pets. See our measurement guides below for a kennel size chart.

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      • #125 - X-Small (with handle): 19" x 12.5" x 10"H (Taupe/Black)
      • #150 - Small (with handle):     24" x 16.5" x 14.5"H (Taupe/Black)
      • #200 - Medium (with handle): 28" x 20.5" x 21.5"H (Taupe/Black)
      • #300 - Intermediate (no handle): 32" x 22.5 x 24"H (Taupe/Black)
      • #400 - Large (no handle):       36" x 25" x 27"H (Taupe/Black)
      • #500 - X-Large (no handle):   40" x 26" x 30"H (Taupe/Black)
      • #700 - Giant (no handle):      48" x 32" x 35"H (Bleached Linen)

      No matter the size of your dog, these crates have your needs covered. Sizes come in a range that starts from extra small crates and it goes all the way to giant Vari Kennel sizes.


      • Great for pet airline travel as well as auto travel, this new kennel features an eco-friendly, heavy-duty plastic shell, durable wire doors with secure spring latches and side ventilation holes to promote healthy air flow.
      • Airline approved for travel in the US
        • (See Sky Kennels for pet kennel which can be used for both US and International Travel)
      • Eco-friendly, yet tough, durable construction with top and bottom reinforced sidewalls.
      • Colors: bleached linen and Taupe & Black
      • Easy-open squeeze latch.
      • Assembles in minutes - no tools required.
      • Rear ventilation, in addition to side and front vents, to promote healthful air flow.
      • Durable wire doors with secure spring latches
      • Interior moat to keep pets dry.
      • Tie-down strap holes molded in around the door perimeter for zip-tie installation and extra security during airline travel.
      • 5 Year Warranty
      • Add a Moisture Magnet: Optional moisture-absorbing pad to keep the trip comfortable and help keep your pet dry. Absorbs 15 times its weight in liquid in case of an accident. Washable. Re-usable.
      • Add a Crate Pad for increased comfort.
      • See the Airline Travel Kit for the perfect travel package. Includes Live animal labels, snap-in water cup, absorbent scat mats, 12 zip ties, a temporary pet ID tag, a shipping ID stick, and metal nuts and bolts. 

      Product Information:

      These pet kennels come equipped with a number of features that have been designed to maximize on the comfort of your dog. These crates are very easy to assemble and you will have them up and running in a matter of minutes. We have outlined some of the benefits you stand to gain from using this line of dog kennel (and cat kennel).


      From the makers of the Ultra Vari Kennel and the Vari Kennel Ultra Fashion, Petmate brings you the Vari Kennel. Petmate is known for producing quality crates and pet supplies ranging from travel crates, travel kennels, and automatic feeders.

      When it comes to air travel, a Petmate Vari Kennel is key to safe hassle-free travel crates. These dog supplies have served generations of pet lovers and we are excited to offer these products to you and in particular, recommend this kennel to you. 


      These crates are made of heavy duty plastic material which can withstand environmental effects. The good thing about using plastic for your crate is that plastic is not a cold material and it can keep your dog warm during cold weather as opposed to if you were using a wired crate where you would need to add rugs in the crate for added warmth.

      The crate has been built with reinforced sidewalls which are in place to ensure that your dog is safe and they also contribute to the long life of the crate. Most of these crates come with a warranty that will last up to five years which points to their high quality.


      These crates come with tie-down strap holes which are necessary where you plan to travel with your dog by car or by plane as you can use the holes to strap the dog to the car or plane for added security.

      The heavy-duty plastic crate also protects your dog in the case of an accident as it will not bend or crack, exposing your dog to danger while in the crate. The latch used to lock the crate is very easy to use. However, your dog cannot find a way to fumble with it and leave the crate.


      Whether you are using the crate for travel purposes or as a form of containment at home, it is necessary that your dog have access to adequate air inside the crate. These crates have ventilation on the door and on the sides and this promotes cross ventilation and ensures that your dog is kept cool when the temperatures are high.

      Air Travel

      These crates can be used for air travel as they meet most airline kennel standards that have been set aside for crates. Not only are they safe for your dog in case of collisions but they are also secure as they come with secured latches that your dog cannot open. Although this kennel is IATA approved, it is important to contact your airline well in advance to follow any internal policies.


      If you travel a lot with your dog, having a lightweight dog crate will be to your advantage as you will not have to dread carrying your dog’s crate from one place to another. The portability of this crate makes traveling fun for both you and your dog. 

      These dog crates are great for housebreaking and they come in a variety of colors which allows you to choose one that matches your décor. There are many sizes and you are bound to find one which allows your dog to stretch itself comfortably when it wants to take a nap. Be it the Vari or Sky Kennel, your pet traveler is safe and secure with these crates. Put it on your wish list and grab yours today!


      I was delighted that this crate was easily accepted by the airlines I used. I was short on time and had not gotten around to calling to double check.  That is certainly not wise. I checked in holding my breath and was so pleased that all went well. It’s a great crate and I highly recommend it. Obviously, the airline feels the same way.

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