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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
Impact Dog Tack Box

Impact Dog Tack Box

Product Description

Make grooming your furry friend easier with our dog tack box. This accessory for all your dog’s accessories (say that three times fast) keeps everything together and organized. With its fold-down front cover, you’ll find it easy to access a tall bottle compartment and three drawers for storage.

The hinged lid with lead bar reveals additional storage with its top divided compartments. Our tack boxes are made of aluminum, meaning you can rest assured that they’re heavy duty but lightweight.


  • Hinged lid with a lead bar
  • Top divided compartments
  • Three drawers
  • Tall bottle compartment
  • Fold down front cover for ease of use
  • Heavy duty aluminum construction made in the USA


Medium: 12L x 12W x 24H

Large:  24L x 12W x 24H

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