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Nature's Miracle

Nature's Miracle Port a Crate Fabric Dog Crate

Need help with finding the right size? See our Dog Crate Size Breed Chart.

Product Description:

Perfect for home or travel use. Sturdy internal steel frame with heavy-duty mesh windows, heavy duty zippers, and heavy-duty, washable nylon fabric. Sets up and folds down in seconds, no tools required. 


  • Sets up and folds down in seconds, no tools required
  • Small size has a convenient carrying strap
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Fabric
  • Heavy Duty Mesh Windows
  • 3 entry doors that can be secured open with hook and loop fasteners
  • Rounded corners protect auto interiors and home decor.
  • Zipper locks on the front and side doors.
  • Antimicrobial Product Protection inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Odor-Blocking Technology prevents odors from being absorbed


  • Small: 16" x 11" x 11"H (For Toy Breeds)
  • Medium: 26 x 17 x 17"H (For Small Terriers)
  • Large: 30 x 21 x 21"H (For Cockers, Springers, and Small Spaniels)
  • X-Large: 36 x 25 x 25"H (For Pets up to 65 lbs.)
  • Giant: 42 x 30 x 30"H (For Pets up to 100 lbs.)

Directions for Unfolding: Remove crate from packaging. Release the side clips(2) used to keep a crate in the folded position.

Unzip top door opening. Press down bottom bars to click into locked position Stand to one side of the crate and grasp the 2 pieces top bar with both hands.

Gradually pull the 2 bars upward so that they join each other (BE CAREFUL NOT TO PINCH YOUR HAND AT THE CONNECTION POINT).

Slide the closure sleeve over the connection until it is fully extended and the frame is rigid (Repeat the same process for the other side).

Why use a Nature's Miracle Port a Crate Dog Crate

A lot of people refuse to crate their dogs but it is actually a very simple and effective thing to do, especially when you’re traveling.

People seem to believe that it is cruel to crate but it can give your canine friend a sense of security and protection when they are at home, being trained or during travel (particularly on planes).

Crating is important and because of this, it is also important that you purchase and use a decent dog crate.

There are many aspects when it comes to choosing the perfect dog crate for your pet. You don’t want something too heavy and big but you do want something that is sturdy and protective.

One solution is to use a port-a-crate which can be flat packed and popped up ready for use when you need them. There are plenty of brands that supply these types of crates but one of the most recognizable ones is Nature’s Miracle.

Their port a crates are effective and come with some useful features that make them perfect for any owner and dog. Read on to learn more about their features as well as the benefits.

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What is a Port-a-Crate?

A port-a-crate is just like any other dog crate. However, unlike those big, clunky metal ones you see in the back of veterinary trucks, these ones can be folded and stored in small spaces making them a convenient and effective alternative.

Some people do complain that they’re not as sturdy or protective as metal/aluminum crates but they do compromise with lightweight material and a comfortable base.

On a side note, if your pet likes to chew and gets aggressive in confined spaces a material port a crate might not be a wise choice.

Common advice from many pet owners is to use port a crates with dogs that have been crate trained because their locking mechanisms tend to weaker compared to their metal and plastic counterparts.

The Features of Nature’s Miracle Dog Crates

The Nature’s Miracle dog crate is great for both home and traveling uses. The crate is made from a tough material with strong locks to make sure your dog cannot get out.

Because this is a port-a-crate it can be set up and flattened down in a matter of minutes making it very convenient in a lot of situations. Here are some of the features of a Nature’s Miracle dog crate.

Sturdy Material

Despite the fact the crate is made from material as opposed to metal or plastic, it is relatively strong. The crate is made from a very durable nylon material with additional mesh windows providing your dog with adequate ventilation and security.

Both the windows and the crate’s material are heavy duty and should hold-up against dogs with a tendency to chew. Because of this, this port a crate could be used for training dogs as well as already well-trained dogs.

The crate also has a carrying strap that makes it easily portable whilst your dog is inside and the crate can be resurrected and folded down without the need of any tools or special knowledge.

Three Access Points

This port-a-crate has three different access points for your canine which enables the crate to suit any size of dog. Of course, we always recommend you size the dog and the crate before purchasing to ensure your dog is comfortable and has space to move.

The three access points are secured with zip locks and the doors can all be fastened using hook and loops. The access points make this crate very versatile and usable for both casual home use as well as short and long-distance travel.

Odor Protection

From time to time and depending on the dog breed, your crate might get a bit smelling thanks to the lovely odors your dog lets loose.

Thankfully, a lot of crates have begun to incorporate the use of odor preventing materials that can stop the crate and material from smelling. 

Nature’s Miracle dog crates have added not only odor blocking technology into their materials but also an antimicrobial protective layer that inhibits the growth of bacteria altogether.

Even if you have the smelliest dog on the planet or if you’ve been for a long muddy walk, the Nature’s Miracle dog crate will stop your car and home from smelling. 

Light and Portable

This is probably one of the biggest bonuses to owning a Nature’s Miracle port a crate. They have been built to be super lightweight and portable to suit the majority of your doggy needs.

The lightweight material makes this crate excellent for transportation for both short car journeys to long distance airplane journeys.

As mentioned above, the crate can be folded down and carried around very easily, even when the dog is inside. There is no need to worry when it comes to storage either.

Simply fold the crate down (without the need of tools) and slide it into the cupboard. This is a luxury you can’t get with metal or plastic crates.

Airline Approved

Nature’s Miracle dog crates are airline approved for in-cabin use, which something many of you will be glad to hear. There are a lot of regulations a dog crate has to pass before it is deemed airworthy and, in most cases, port-a-crates don’t make the cut because of their lack of protective material. The Nature’s Miracle, however, passes the criteria and can be used in the skies.

However, saying all of this, you should always check with your airline to find out what crates they allow on the plane. Nature’s Miracle state themselves that, while this crate is airline approved, you should check to see if your airline will allow it onboard.

Rounded Edges

If you don’t plan on traveling long distances with your dog crate and like to use it as a safe space where your dog can chill, you’ll be happy to know that the edges have been rounded to make sure the crate doesn’t damage any of the surrounds in your home.

This is a big issue when you’re using metal and plastic crates with sharp edges. Your dog could move suddenly resulting in a lovely scratch down your nice wooden furniture.

Your dog can use this port a crate as a safe place and a bed without the worry of it scraping and ruining nearby furniture.

Mold Resistant

If you like to take your dog out and about into the wild you’re going to want a crate that can withstand a little bit of mud and grime.

While most metal and plastic crates can be wiped down fairly quickly, there is a little bit more elbow grease required when you’re dealing with a port-a-crate.

The main worry is mold, which can develop quickly if you don’t wash and wipe the crate after a long, muddy walk.

However, with Nature’s Miracle dog crates, you need not worry because they’ve added mold resistant technology into their crates.

This means you can spend a rough day around a wet park and leave your crate a little damp without the worry of mold and mildew developing!

Why do you Need Nature’s Miracle Dog Crates?

So why exactly do you need a Nature’s Miracle dog crate? To be honest, there are a lot of reasons and everyone has a different one.

Before we have selected the most common reasons behind crating your dog. Some are very common whereas others (air travel) are a little more uncommon.

For Travel

Using a dog crate for traveling is a very common reason to crate your dog. It is also a common reason why individuals may purchase a Nature’s Miracle dog crate because of their portability benefits.

It is safer to crate your dog when you’re traveling, particularly over long distances. Travelling can be stressful for a dog and can cause them to become restless, leading to chewing and howling.

If you give your dog a safer and more secure location to rest during the traveling they will feel a lot more relaxed. However, it is important to train your dog to accept the crate at home before traveling.

Some dogs don’t like to be placed in a crate initially and need to be eased into it. Air travel is one example where dogs must be crated.

For this, the Nature’s Miracle dog crate comes in handy because it is airline approved. However, always check with your airline before you select a crate because some prefer metal over material.

To Protect your Belongings

If you have a new and excitable dog a crate might be the way to go while you ease them into their new surrounds.

This is especially true when you have expensive or personal belongings surround the dog which could be broken.

This is even truer for dogs like Labs, which love to chew on any light object they can get their teeth in too. Investing in a dog crate could save you 10x the amount you’d have to spend on new shoes, socks, couches, and other furniture.

To Protect Small Children

If you have a big, energetic dog you won’t want them bounding around the house while there are little children playing.

This is even truer when you have friend’s children around. A Nature’s Miracle dog crate can provide a place for your big dog to rest and chill while the children play.

Children have a tendency to play rough with dogs which can not only injure the dog but cause an aggressive reaction. Never leave dogs and small children alone!

To Use as a “Naughty Corner”

If you’re a dog owner you’ll know that even the most docile of dogs have a troublesome side.

They’re a little like children – cute and innocent in one instance and a pain in the backside in another.

There will be times when your dog might do something naughty, like chew your favorite shoes or “make a mess” on your new rugs.

In these cases, like all animals, they need to be disciplined and told off. This is easy if you have a dog crate because you can use it as a naughty corner or “time out”.


Nature’s Miracle dog crates are an excellent tool to crate your dog.

They are lightweight and can be easily flattened and popped up without the need for special tools or knowledge.

They are made from a lightweight and tough nylon material that does not catch odors and can prevent mold.

If you need to travel, house train or protect your small child, using a port-a-crate is a fantastic decision.

It is not a cruel thing to do and actually (according to science) can make your dog feel more relaxed and chilled.

Have a browse of our crate collection and try out the Nature’s Miracle port a crate today!

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