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Zinger Aluminum Deluxe Dog Crate-Crate-Zinger-3000 - 30 L x 21 W x 24 H-Pet Crates Direct
Zinger Aluminum Deluxe Dog Crate-Crate-Zinger-Pet Crates Direct

Zinger Aluminum Deluxe Dog Crate

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Product Description

Strong yet lightweight, the Zinger Winger Aluminum Deluxe Series dog crates give you an incredible strength at one-third the weight of steel.

Easily portable, Zinger dog crates are perfect for use in your vehicle, home or business. Includes lockable slam latch which is keyed for extra security.

Plus, the lock and mounting hardware are made from stainless steel meaning you'll never have to worry about rust or corrosion.

A silver hammer-tone powder coating is applied to the interior as well as exterior, so your dog's coat is protected from discoloration.

K-9 owners and trainers will really appreciate the modular design of Zinger Winger aluminum dog crates.

When you add a new dog to the family, just combine 2 or 3 units to form a multiple crate system. Another superb feature is the reversible doors, which can be installed as either left or right opening.

The doors are fully vented for good airflow and are reinforced and welded to add strength and security.

 If you plan to use this crate for airline travel, please add the optional Zinger crate airline travel kit to your order.

Zinger Crate Add-on Options:

"Drain Thru" Crate Flooring

Airline Travel Kits

Caster Wheels with Bracket Mount

Crate Covers

Grooming Tops

Grooming Show Ring Package


For the strongest containment for your dog, the Zinger Winger Dog Crate is definitely the way to go.

Made of aluminum, this dog crate has numerous benefits in store for you and we have outlined some of them for you to have a look.

After seeing the benefits of using a Zinger Winger Dog Crate, you will be rushing to get one for your dog.


You can use this dog crate for many purposes. Housebreaking a dog is quite a hard task and having a reliable crate on your side goes a long way in making the process easier and enables it to take place much faster.

Thinking of traveling with your dog? This crate is perfect for that too. Whatever your purpose for the crate is, you can consider it covered.


Metal crates are very hard to carry around and in most instances; you can be forced to purchase two crates so that you can leave one in the car and another in the house.

With the Zinger Winger Dog Crate, you only need one crate to carry your dog in as it can be carried around with ease.

This is made possible by the use of aluminum in the construction of the crate which is very light in weight as compared to steel which weighs thrice the weight of aluminum.


Dog crates can easily get damaged during their use. Take an example of soft-sided crates which can easily be damaged if your dog chews on the sides.

Having to replace dog crates every now and then can create a dent in your pocket which can be avoided by getting a Zinger Winger Dog Crate that has been built to serve your crating needs for a long time and comes with years of warranty.


The strength of aluminum as a crating material cannot be undermined as it is able to maintain its form even when exposed to pressure from stress.

You can be assured that the crating sides will not cave in on your dog in the event of an accident. This strength makes this crate great for use for travel as your dog will be protected in transit.

Corrosion Resistant

The door handles have been made using steel which is resistant to corrosion to prevent the locks from rusting and losing their strength. A powder coating is used on both the exterior and the interior of the crate to prevent it from getting discolored.


The Zinger Winger Dog Crate has been designed to ensure that your dog enjoys crating by putting a few measures in place.


With four sides providing ventilation to your dog, it can relax in the crate without lacking adequate fresh air. The door provides the most ventilation as it has steel bars which are evenly spaced out to allow entry and exit of air.

Heat Dissipation

Aluminum has the ability to reflect back heat into the atmosphere so you can be assured that your dog will keep cool when the temperatures are high. This prevents stress in dogs.

The Zinger Winger Dog Crate provides security to your dog by preventing it from leaving the crate. The lockable slam latches used in the build of this crate and the strength of the aluminum used ensure that your dog remains in the crate.

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