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Zinger Aluminum Collapsible Dog Crate-Crate-Zinger-3000 - 34 L x 22.5 W x 26 H-Pet Crates Direct
Zinger Aluminum Collapsible Dog Crate-Crate-Zinger-Pet Crates Direct

Zinger Aluminum Collapsible Dog Crate

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Product Description

The Zinger Winger Aluminum Collapsible dog crate comes in a Silver Hammer-tone finish and provides lots of ventilation with its open design.

Being able to fold the crate down to 1/4 its height, handlers will be able to save considerable time, effort and storage space while traveling with their pet.

Its aluminum construction makes the crate strong and sturdy keeping your dog safe and secure without weighing as much as conventional metal crates. 

Make your Zinger Winger aluminum collapsible dog crate airline approved with the optional airline package kit which includes air travel rails, carrying handles, “Live Animal” labels, water, and food bowls, ID Tag plus lock and deadbolt covers for extra security.

When this kit is added to any Zinger Winger aluminum dog crate it immediately conforms to the IATA 82 Safety Standard.

 If you plan to use this crate for airline travel, please add the optional Zinger crate airline travel kit to your order. 

Zinger Crate Add-on Options:

"Drain Thru" Crate Flooring

Airline Travel Kits

Caster Wheels with Bracket Mount

Crate Covers

Grooming Tops

Grooming Show Ring Package


If lack of storage space is a concern to you, this collapsible dog crate will work wonders for you.

You no longer have to sacrifice quality so that you can get a dog crate that can fit into the storage space available to you.

This collapsible dog crate does more than just save space as you will see once you have gone through its numerous benefits.


Aluminum weighs an average of thirty percent of what steel weighs. You can imagine how much lighter this collapsible dog crate will feel to you if you are used to steel crates that are quite heavy to carry.

The lightweight of this crate should not scare you into thinking that it is unsafe for your dog in the case of an impact. Aluminum is a very strong material and your dog is well protected while in the crate.


Made of aluminum, this collapsible dog crate is amongst the most durable dog crates in the market. Aluminum is quite hard and it has the ability to withstand a wide range of impacts without getting deformed.  

Unlike other crates made of materials such as metal and plastic which tend to crack or bend on impact, this collapsible dog crate has been built to last.

Heat Reflection

Do you live in an area with hot weather? This collapsible dog crate has the ability to reflect heat away from your dog when the weather is hot for added comfort to your dog because of the use of aluminum.


Your dog has adequate access to fresh air while in this crate as it has air inlets on all sides.

The door allows a lot of air to get in as it is made of spaced out steel bars. Lack of enough air can frustrate a dog and can make crating a very bad experience for it.


Your dog cannot chew its way out of this crate no matter how much it wishes to. To add on to the security of the crate, the door has a latch made of stainless steel.

This prevents the chances of corrosion which could weaken the lock, giving your dog a way to escape. The doors are welded to make them extra strong.

Travel Purposes

Traveling with your dog can be quite a task especially where you are not assured that your dog is safe in the case of a collision.

With this collapsible dog crate, you can rest assured that your dog is safe if you should have an accident as the crating material is very strong and will not allow harm to come to your dog.

Another thing that makes this crate great for travel is that it provides adequate ventilation to your dog and as such, your dog can also enjoy the ride.


This collapsible crate can be folded down to a quarter of its size and this will make it convenient for you to store it when it is not being used. The amount of space saved will depend on the size of your crate.

This collapsible crate is not only a way to save on space but it is also an investment that will go a long way in ensuring your dog’s safety.

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