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Zinger Heavy Duty Series-Crate-Zinger-3000-Pet Crates Direct
Zinger Heavy Duty Series-Crate-Zinger-Pet Crates Direct
Zinger Heavy Duty Series-Crate-Zinger-Pet Crates Direct
Zinger Heavy Duty Series-Crate-Zinger-Pet Crates Direct
Zinger Heavy Duty Series-Crate-Zinger-Pet Crates Direct

Zinger Heavy Duty Series

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    Product Description

    The overall look of this crate says it all. Nothing but a solid, heavy duty crate. The side panels of this crate are made using 3/4" x 3/4" aluminum tubing in .100" thickness.

    The door is built of solid 3/8" aluminum bars inserted thru 3/4" x 3/4" aluminum tubing. Each is then double welded for strength not found anywhere else.

    The top, bottom and back panels are made from .065" aluminum sheet that has been laser cut, formed and welded to exacting specifications.

    On any crate, the door is consistently the weakest point and "Houdini" dogs typically target this area in their attempt to escape.

    In this model, it has reinforced the door with extra bars, welds and bracing.

    Unlike plastic and wire crates which easily crack and bend and need to be frequently replaced, Zinger crates are built to last a lifetime.

    The Zinger Semi-Custom crate is perfect for the dog who often destroys or breaks out of plastic and wire crates.

    Lockable Slam Latch – Each door comes with a flush mounted slam latch which is keyed for added security while you are away from the crate.

    Rest assured that someone cannot simply open the crate and walk away with your dog. Made from strong "stainless steel" for durability and to prevent corrosion.

    Stainless Steel Hardware – Lock and mounting hardware are made from stainless steel to eliminate rusting and corrosion.

    Beautiful Finish – ZINGER™ crates are finished in a durable “Silver Hammertone” powder coat both inside and out.

    The secret to this tough finish is the high temperatures in which it is "baked on" so that it will not wear off. By powder coating the inside as well as the outside it protects your dogs coat from discoloration.

    Coat discoloration is common when a dog sits in an untreated aluminum crate. The bare aluminum oxidizes and the residue rubs off onto the dog resulting in a grey silvery color. This will not happen in a Zinger crate.

    Super Solid Doors – Reinforced with solid bars and welded for extra strength the door is built to hold your "Escape Artist".

    A full-length piano hinge and striker plate are standard and the door can be easily reversed to allow left or right-hand opening.


    • Open Air Design
    • Extra Strong Build
    • Stainless Hardware and Locking Slam Latch
    • Silver Hammertone Powder Coat
    • Reversible HD Door
    • Rattle Free Handles


    Your dog deserves the very best the market has to offer and this is none other than the Zinger heavy duty dog crate which has been designed to offer maximum strength for the protection of your dog.

    This is the perfect crate for your dog if it loves breaking out of cages by chewing or breaking the sides. Other than security to your dog, this crate also offers a wide array of benefits which we have detailed to allow you to see how wonderful this crate is.


    You know just how uncomfortable a stuffy room is and you know that feeling you get when in a stuffy room for too long. Dogs also get uncomfortable in stuffy rooms and having a stuffy crate will make your dog dread the crate.

    The Zinger heavy duty dog crate is fully vented on all its sides. Evenly spaced out aluminum bars are used on all sides which allows air to circulate freely within the crate.

    This crate is great for use in hot weather as well as aluminum dissipates heat to the surroundings with ease and this prevents the crate from getting stuffy. In this way, comfort for your dog is achieved and crating will no longer be a dreadful experience to your dog.


    If your dog loves escaping from crates, it will not be able to do so with this crate. Solid aluminum bars have been used on all sides and the door has been welded for extra protection.

    Aluminum is very strong and your dog cannot chew its way out of this crate and neither can it ram itself against the sides in a bid to escape.

    The door is reversible and you can hinge it on whichever side you wish to open it from.

    Aluminum Construction

    Aluminum is known for its very high strength which makes it great for use in a heavy duty dog crate. This strength makes it durable as it can easily withstand many forms of forces applied to it.

    Plastic and metal crates tend to bend or crack when exposed to pressure and this makes them a bad choice for heavy duty crates.

    The door of this crate has a lock made of stainless steel. This prevents the lock from undergoing corrosion as a result of steel and it makes it hard for your dog to fumble with the lock and escape.

    Aluminum is also light in nature when compared to other materials such as steel and this makes this crate easy for you to carry around.

    Powdered Coat

    This crate is very beautiful and to ensure that it does not get discolored over years of use, a powdered coat has been used to finish the exterior and the interior of the crate.

    In this way, you can be assured that the aesthetic value of your crate will be maintained.

    If you have many dogs, you will be happy to know that the Zinger heavy duty dog crate comes with a modular design which allows you to stack several crates on top of each other safely.

    When it comes to heavy-duty crates for the safety of your dog, the Zinger heavy duty dog crate is the way to go.

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