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Precision Pet Universal Exercise Pen

Precision Pet Universal Exercise Pen

Product Description

If your pup is in danger when he gets out to exercise, give him the versatile, yet safe, Petmate Precision Pet Universal Exercise Pen. No longer do you have to deprive him of the exercise he craves and needs in order to be healthy.  You can give him security and exercise all in one. 

This exercise pen provides your beloved pooch with a fabulous playground inside the house or outdoors as well.  It accommodates pets of all breeds and sizes since it is available in a wide variety of sizes to choose from. 

It features eight, 2-foot panels which you can construct as a 16-foot "fence" or as an exercise pen. It is thoughtfully and skillfully made of durable materials like solid steel which will last for years to come because it is rust-resistant and finished with electro-coat that greatly increases the life of the pen.

Keep your pet healthy and safe and secure at the same time with the Universal Exercise Pen.  It features a double-latch door so you have easy access to your pet but the assurance of knowing he is safely contained.

Ground stakes are included so you can secure the pen outdoors and it conveniently attaches to all Precision Pet wire crates so you can increase his playing and exercise space when desired. 

This pen easily folds flat so you can store it or take it along when you travel. Please note that the sizes listed are based on the height of the panels.  The dimensions are 16' X 36" and it weighs in at 27 LB.

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Nice to have this pen for my dog.  She stays in the house most of the time but gets underfoot.  I had crated her which seemed cruel because she couldn’t move around much. Got this pen and really am impressed. It was easy to set up and is durable. It gives her much more room and she is happy.

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