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Impact Dog Crates Reviews

Impact Dog Crates

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Impact Dog Crates

 Impact Dog Crates

Getting an Impact Dog Crate is one of the best ways in which you can protect your K9 from coming into harm.

These crates work by withstanding major forces that it may be subjected to without passing the force on to your dog. It also doesn’t break or bend on impact and assures you that your dog is safely inside the crate no matter what goes on outside.

These American-made products are not only designed for Impact protection of your dog. We have taken the time to outline other ways in which you stand to benefit on the purchase of these products.

Airline Approved

If you have been looking forward to boarding a flight with your K9, these air approved aluminum dog crates can make that possible. Just add the IATA compliant airline rails and you are good to go!

Its ability to withstand collisions makes it perfect for air travel and most airlines have approved of its use to carry dogs in cabins.

You can also use it to transport your dog from one place to another by car as you are assured that any collisions will reduce the chance of any harm coming to your dog.


These crates are quite easy to clean. To start with, it has been made with aluminum which does not have the tendency to absorb odors. This means that your dog’s crate will not have a persistent dog smell.

It also has drain holes which are great as they allow the crate to dry at a fast rate once it has been cleaned.


Given that this crate is mostly used for traveling, it has been made of aluminum which is very light when compared to other materials such as steel.

This makes it quite easy for you to carry it around without having to bear too much weight.

There are also Impact collapsible dog crate models available, that allows for compact storage.

The handles that come with it are also quite simple to use and they are easy on your hands.


These crates come in a number of sizes that range all the way from extra small to extra large, making it possible to find one that is just right for your dog. And that’s not all. You have a wide selection of colors to choose from too.


Made of aluminum, this crate has been designed to offer crating services for a very long time.

Though light in weight, United States aluminum is a very strong material with the ability to maintain its form even when hit by objects.

This allows your dog to stay safe and also prolongs the years of service that you can expect from the Impact Crate.


There are air inlets on each side of this crate as well as on the door.

These numerous vent holes allow air to circulate inside the crate freely and this allows your dog to stay cool during hot weather.

Aluminum also reflects heat back into the atmosphere and this prevents the inside of the crate from getting uncomfortably hot.


A latch lock has been used to ensure that your dog cannot leave the crate by fumbling with the lock.

These crates are the best way to go when traveling with your dog and what’s more, you can use it indoors for containment when you are not traveling.

These Aluminum products by Impact Dog Crates are perfect for the dog owner that needs a portable crate but doesn't want to sacrifice quality.

These Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crates are constructed from a durable gray powder coated aluminum that helps to make this crate virtually indestructible.  

Special Features:

  • High Quality Aluminum heavy duty Dog Crates 
  • Smooth door for safety
  • High Grade Slam Latch
  • Spring loaded handles
  • Larger Vent Holes
  • Drain holes for easy cleaning
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Rivet Construction
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Composite Corners
  • 3/8 Inch round bars welded with cross bar for stability
  • Made in the USA and backed by our lifetime warranty.


    In addition to the Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crates, the lineup has the following:

    • Stationary Crates
    • Heavy Duty Dog Crate
    • Aluminum and Wire Crate Hybrid Crate
    • Many more accessories!


    • Small - #200
    • Medium - #300
    • Large - #400
    • X-Large - #450
    • XX-Large - #500
    • XXX-Large - #700

    Put these products on your wish list today!

    Need help with finding the right size? See our Crate Size Chart.

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