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Aspen Pet Grunts

Aspen Pet Grunts

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Product Description

Dogs love to play and they love when you play with them.  Make playtime extra fun with this extra, super soft plush, the Petmate Aspen Pet Grunt.  Whether playing solo or engaging in interactive play, this innovative toy will provide super grunting noises for his entertainment and is excellent for him to snuggle up to as well.  He can even carry it all around the house if he wants to because it’s very well-made and durable. 

There are seven colorful and unique loveable characters including a skunk, duck and beaver.  Surprise your pup with one of each!  The dimensions are 8" X 5" X 5" and it weighs in at only .2 lbs. for easy carrying and tossing.


This is about the cutest dog toy I have ever seen.  It is certainly the cutest one my dog has ever had. He loves trying to figure out the grunting noise and sleeps with it at night too. It is holding up well to his chewing. He got the skunk which is pretty funny because he got sprayed once when chasing a real one.  Thankfully, this one doesn’t spray, it just grunts.

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