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Petmate Heggies - Chef

Petmate Heggies - Chef

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Product Description

Get the fun cookin’!  Can this chef toy get a grrrrunt?  It’s a delicious, great way to get your dog playing and engaged.  The Petmate's® best-selling Heggies are going to grunt their way into your furry friend’s heart with their super soft, super cuddly and ever so cute grunts. 

Your pup will enjoy trying to figure out where the grunt is coming from with the squeaker secured safely inside.  He can tote it around, gnaw on it, fetch it, or even snuggle with it.  The plush unique characters include Farmer, Fisherman, Princess, Army, Winter and Super Hero. 

They are the perfect new addition for your pup’s toy collection and are excellent for all breeds and sizes of dogs.  The dimensions are 7" X 4.3" X 3.9" and they weigh in at only 0.21 LB, making them ideal for tossing, toting and cuddling.  Get your dog a grrreat grrrunter today!


Gotta say the grunting noise freaked my little dog out at first. Now, she is determined to find the squeaker. It is tucked safely inside so that’s not a problem. It is soft and cuddly but there’s no way she will be sleeping with it because she just wants to find the noise maker which keeps her busy and awake. It’s a cute toy for dog parents to get their fur babies!

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