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4-Story Ferret Cage


  • $17999

All of the upscale features of a premium cage. This 4-story ferret cage offers lots of room for ferrets, rabbits and other small animals to run, climb, play and sleep. The mess guard snaps onto the base to help keep the surrounding area clean. The heavy-duty plastic platforms and ladders snap together securely to prevent shifting as pets run and play.

Prevue 4-Story Ferret / Rat / Chinchilla Cages Feature:
  • 4 levels
  • 3 platforms snap securely onto the cage and are made of heavy-duty plastic for durability.
  • 3 ladders snap into the bottom of the platforms to prevent shifting as pets hop and play.
  • Durable baked powder-coated finish and rolling caster base.
  • Bar spacing: 3/4" x 4"
  • 2 Doors on front
  • Pull out drawer and 5-1/2" high plastic mess guards snap onto the base to keep surrounding area clean.