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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
Arm & Hammer Deluxe 2-In-1 Litter Scoop

Arm & Hammer Deluxe 2-In-1 Litter Scoop

Product Description

When you’ve got poop to scoop, you need a good pooper scooper.  Now, you’ve got it! 

Constructed of the best quality material, the scooper is made in the USA and adheres to the stringent standards set within the pet industry to keep your pet safe and his poop spot, germ-free. 

Made by a brand that has been trusted for decades, this device makes litter pick up easy with the waste bag dispenser in the handle. 

12 Arm & Hammer Waste Bags are included and additional ones can be purchased separately. 

The scooper is made to last and is lightweight for easy lifting and the bags are made with a lovely lavender scent and baking soda in them.

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These bags smell so awesome, I keep them ON the counter rather than IN the counter. Seriously, the lavender is so fresh it makes me look forward to pooping scoop. The scooper is easy to use and very strong.

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