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Arm & Hammer Easy-Tie Waste Bags

Arm & Hammer Easy-Tie Waste Bags

Product Description

Make pet clean-up a breeze with these disposable Arm & Hammer Fresh Scent Easy Tie Waste Bags.

Perfect for taking along to the dog park or on your everyday walks, these bags have baking soda in them to control and eliminate odor and also have an added fresh scent to make a job that stinks much more pleasant. 

Every bag features ends that are extended so you can tie them tightly and easily. 

The bags are durable and strong and are a great and convenient grab-and-go solution for poop disposal. 

Twice as thick as regular grocery bags, there are seventy-five bags in each box.  Measures 1.5" X 4.5" X 8.5" and weighs 0.5 lbs.

Also great for dirty and wet diapers and stinky, wet or soiled clothing.

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I learned my lesson with trying to take a shortcut and use grocery bags (which are now thinner than ever).  I got poop all over myself during a hike and we had to end an otherwise beautiful day all too early.  Now, I rely on these bags that are super strong and smell fresh.  Thanks, Arm and Hammer for always coming through!

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