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Arm & Hammer Half Circle Litter Mat

Arm & Hammer Half Circle Litter Mat

Product Description

Put litter on your pet’s paws on pause with this Arm & Hammer Half Circle Litter Mat that helps eliminate odor while serving to capture the litter off your kitty’s paws as well. 

The unique webbing pattern on the half-mat is a very innovative design that works magic and keeps your floors spotless and your favorite feline happy. 

The webbing is flexible, soft and quite durable.  It is placed right outside the exit of the cat box so your kitty steps on it and cleans his paws off. 

To clean the pad, simply vacuum or shake it outside to remove those loose litter pieces.  It easily cleans with soap and water.  Air dry. 

This mat measures 23.5" X 14" X .3" and weighs 1 lb.

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Arm and Hammer is the best because other mats get to smelling bad because they retain the stink of the cat litter and the pooh.  I really like the way it actually does get the litter off my cat’s feet and helps me keep my carpet from getting litter all in it which is a royal pain. The scent is really nice and not overwhelming at all.

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