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Arm & Hammer  Handy Stand Litter Scoop

Arm & Hammer Handy Stand Litter Scoop

Product Description

Get a handle on poop scoop duties with this innovative Arm & Hammer Handy Stand Litter Scoop. 

The convenient scoop unit has a base that allows for a convenient and sanitary storage solution that hides the messy scoop device and saves valuable time too. 

The handle is kept standing in the ready-to-use, sanitary upright position so it can drain and keep mildew free. 

Arm & Hammer is a trusted household name and has been for decades so rest assured the health of your beloved kitty is in good hands.  The dimensions are 6" X 12" X 3.75".

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Arm and Hammer is a good brand so I knew the product would be good and it is. I feel like it is not near as germy since it is standing upright, out of the way. Glad I ran across this deal.

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