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Arm & Hammer Litter Pan Wipes

Arm & Hammer Litter Pan Wipes

Product Description

Never experience a hassle with cleaning your kitty’s litter pan again.  With Arm and Hammer Litter Pan Wipes, you can deodorize and clean your cat’s litter box is one easy swipe. 

The sheets are pre-moistened and wipe away smells and germs and are awesome to use to pick up scattered pieces of litter too. 

The fragrance-free sheets are safe for pets but are also powerful enough to remove odors, germs and dirt too. 

The sheets measure 6”x9” each and have a super strong, hydro-knit material that features scrubber fibers which work together to make cleaning litter pans a cinch.

The trusted name of Arm & Hammer means you can rest easy for the freshness of your home and the safety of your pet.  There is thirty tear-off wipes in each convenient container. 

The dimensions are 6" X 9" and it weighs only 0.63 lbs.

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These are the best wipes I have used on my cat’s domain. I feel good using the Arm and Hammer brand. I have heard horror stories about using brands with toxic chemicals and wanted to be sure I was a responsible pet parent. They are fairly priced and get the job done. You cannot put a price tag on peace of mind.

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