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Arm & Hammer Orthopedic Pet Bed

Arm & Hammer Orthopedic Pet Bed

Product Description

Make sure your pet gets his beauty rest on the best of the best.  He’ll burrow off deep into dreamland with this Arm & Hammer Orthopedic Pet Bed, fit for a king. 

Talk about fresh, this orthopedic pet bed is fresher than fresh with baking soda infused and added scenting, the bed features a support structure that accommodates dogs who are aging or handicapped as well as pets of all kinds, sizes, and ages. 

You can bet he’ll be snoring in purity because Arm & Hammer makes sure of it, with odor control.  The comfort of the bed is unmatched. 

It has a built-in microbial fabric which is backed by the Arm & Hammer name and it not only keeps your room smelling fresh, it can be washed in the machine too. 

The orthopedic foam actually curves to your pup’s very own unique shape for super contoured cushioning and a very comfy, cozy rest. 

The ultra-soft Micro Luxe plush top provides optimal luxury and the bottom is anti-skid to hold it all in place, no matter what.

The bed ships in two great colors - Dark Pebble Blue or Coffee Bean Brown.  The measurements are 28" X 18" X 2.75" and it weighs in at 2 lbs.

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Best pet bed ever.  My dog has some issues with his back and hind legs.  He was always burrowing and re-burrowing and I worried about him.  But now, we can both finally get some sleep. It is very plush and nice looking and keeps the room smelling great.

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