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Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake

Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake

Product Description

Keeping the yard poop-free has never been easier!  The Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake is an innovative design that makes the necessary, unappealing task so much easier.

The very large capacity of this well-made pooper scooper is excellent for multi-waste pick-ups for households with more than one pet and is also ideal for whole yard pick-ups. 

The bin & rake device works beautifully on all surfaces including dirt, pavement, grass, and even flower beds.  The handle is extremely lightweight and is ergonomically designed for super simple pick-up. 

It extends up to 32 inches so it eliminates the bending, kneeling, and squatting associated with cleaning the yard up of waste. 

The swivel feature accommodates poop of all sizes and rotates the bin making disposing of the waste a cinch.  Two strong and durable plastic bags are included with purchase that has activated baking soda to prevent odor and to provide a fresh, clean scent. 

Each of the bags comes with an easy to tie handle.  The bags can hook to either side of the device for convenience when picking up waste.  The bags can be refilled with Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin Pet Waste Bags.

The dimensions are 8.25" X 13" X 4.5" and the weight is 1.7 lbs.  Straighten your life out today with the stoop-less poop scoop.

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The best thing about this product is that it swivels and extends. It takes the work out of getting my yard free of dog and cat poop (I have both a dog and a cat). I really like that the bags can be hooked on so they are ready and available to be used. Very innovative and useful product.

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