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Arm & Hammer Universal Filter

Arm & Hammer Universal Filter

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Product Description

Don’t put up with a stinky litter box.  You don’t have to.  This Petmate Arm & Hammer Universal Filter is excellent for reducing filter box odor for up to three months.  The Arm & Hammer name tells you that not only will the odor be controlled, but it will also smell fresher than fresh. 

The universal filters double the moisture and the odor protection because they combine Natural Charcoal and Zeolite.   These innovative and effective replacement filters use Zeolite/Charcoal particles to trap airborne odor molecules -absolutely genius.  The nontoxic filter is super easy to clean and is designed to fit jumbo and large litter pans.  The dimensions are 6.3" X 5.5" X 0.5" and it weighs 18 lbs.


I am in love with my filter and will never be without it.  It is healthier for the whole family, including Joe, my cat.  I love that it uses charcoal and keeps moisture at bay too.

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