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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
Arm & Hammer Wave Pan

Arm & Hammer Wave Pan

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Product Description

If you want a cat litter pan that’s super simple to clean, here it is!  This Arm & Hammer Wave Pan makes cleaning the box a breeze because it conveniently allows the litter to pass right through for easy and quick clean up.  The antimicrobial feature protects the pan from odor and also keeps the litter fresher longer. 

Constructed of very durable plastic with easy to carry side handles, there is a reinforced bottom and comes with a sifting pan and two regular pans.  Never scoop or shake again.  Get this great kitty litter pan and simplify your pet parenting today.  The dimensions of this fine USA made product are 19" X 15" X 8" and it weighs 3 lbs.


Great and affordable kitty litter pan that solves a large array of problems. My cat scatters litter but the high sides certainly remedied that issue. Looks great, is sanitary with antimicrobial, has a hearty plastic construction and I highly recommend it.

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