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Aspen Pet 30 Inch Dome Stake

Aspen Pet 30 Inch Dome Stake

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Product Description

Let your pup move around while keeping him safe at the same time.  The Aspen Pet Dome Stake gives him his freedom to move but keeps him contained to a specific area of your choosing.  It’s very easy to install the 30” long shaft by just screwing it into the ground where it will stay securely anchored with the anchor wedge plate that prevents it from pulling out, even with the strongest, most determined dogs. 

The domed styling eliminates all the problems caused when handles stick out of the ground.  The super strong solid shell is constructed of steel so it is very durable.  It also has a double weld. 

A 360-degree swivel ring easily attaches to the sturdy the tie-out cable and the malleable swivel allows dogs to enjoy a full 360 degrees of free-romping and roaming without tangling.  Dimensions are 30" and it weighs only 1.55 lbs.


When I go visit my parents, I cannot take my Lab inside their house.  They do not have a fence and there is a lot of traffic that goes through their neighborhood.  This stake is the perfect solution.  In fact, I am just keeping it set up over there.   Great buy...yay me!

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