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Aspen Pet Adjustable Training Padded Halter

Aspen Pet Adjustable Training Padded Halter

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Product Description

Do you love to take your dog for walks?  Now you can enjoy every moment outdoors with your furry friend with this Aspen Pet Adjustable Padded Dog Halter.  Especially if your pup tends to pull at his leash, you’ll love the ease with which he’ll walk behind this fine leash. 

Featuring a soft and comfy fleece-covered muzzle loop on the nose bridge, this ingenious leash was actually developed by experts in the pet care industry who “get” the challenge. Now your dog can heal with a simple command with this safe and gently padded dog halter.  The dimensions are 5/8" X 14-20" and it weighs just 0.1313 lbs.  Get started on your glorious walk today.


Delighted with this padded harness that allows me to enjoy a walk with my very stubborn Basset Hound. She was so caught up in smelling around, I could not get her to quit pulling.  But, this harness has solved the problem and we are both working to get in better physical shape by taking walks every day.

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