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Aspen Pet Antimicrobial Orthopedic Bed

Aspen Pet Antimicrobial Orthopedic Bed

Product Description

Let sleeping dogs lie!  The Aspen Pet Antimicrobial Orthopedic Bed helps ensure your four-legged friend gets the best sleep ever. 

Perfect for older dogs or those recovering from surgeries or even those with a handicap or illness, this bed proudly features a micro terry and faux suede luxurious cover. 

To add even more comfort, it is thoughtfully infused with Microban antimicrobial technology which helps to fight and prevent the growth of nasty, odor-causing bacteria, mildew and mold.  

The innovative orthopedic foam is super comfy and thoughtfully is made with low-profile height, great for dogs who need a break from the hassle and health concerns jumping onto a high mattress jumping and mattress can bring. 

The stylish neutral caramel and striped chenille pattern will magnificently blend into any home’s decor.

A convenient zippered removable cover is able to machine washed with ease so you can keep your pet area and the rest of your houses squeaky clean. 

The bed is awesome for medium to large breeds of dogs and measures 40" X 30" X 2.75".  It weighs 3.6 pounds.

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Let me just start by saying that I am an overprotective pet parent but in the situation I was in, I think any pet parent would have been concerned.  My Rhodesian Ridgeback had ACL surgery recently.  We needed to upgrade his bed anyway but knew we needed a special cushion and for it to be a low one.  I was overwhelmed, trying to find the perfect one and doing so on a budget since the surgery cost a pretty penny. 

I got this one, finally.  It arrived and I was really surprised at the quality of it and how much my dog loves his new bed.  He has had his surgery and all went well and he would never have been so comfortable in a bed that wasn’t friendly to his medical situation.  I love this product.

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