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Aspen Pet Attract-O-Mat

Aspen Pet Attract-O-Mat

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Product Description

Who wants pet hair on their furniture?  Pet hair seems to come with the territory of having a pet but now, you can keep your furniture spotlessly and hairlessly with the Aspen Pet Attract-o-Mat.  Thoughtfully constructed from electrostatic polymer, the Attract-O-Mat instantly captures hair, dirt, and dander just like a magnet!

Whether it’s your cat molting during the summer months or your dog shedding like crazy, this well-constructed mat will attract hair like body’s business.  Perfect for cats to play, sleep and lounge on, this mat has an attractive fabric border that will enhance the look of your home décor.  It is best to spot clean it only and to use a damp cloth when it is needed.  The measurements are 17.5" X 17.5" and it weighs .83 lbs.


I was considering going petless because of all the hair all over me and my home.  I wasn’t sure I could give my kittens up, but I was thinking about it.  The hair was overwhelming in the summer especially.  A friend recommended this mat and oh my, what a difference it has made in my life. 

It even catches my dog’s hair when he sheds.  I am keeping the kittens and the dogs and am definitely keeping the mat. It is constructed tough enough for 4 pets who are in and on it and looks pretty nice too. If you have a pet hair problem, may I suggest this wonderful mat?

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