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Aspen Pet Corduroy Pillow Dog Bed

Aspen Pet Corduroy Pillow Dog Bed

Product Description

This rustic yet comfy Petmate Aspen Pet Corduroy Pillow Beds is the answer to your big dog’s prayers!  

Built especially with your large breed dog in mind, this ruff and rugged bed is constructed to last and is available in both large and extra-large sizes, the bed measures around 48" X 35" and weighs about 6.25, depending on the size chosen. 

A super-duper soft micro luxe plush covering makes up half the bad and sleep surface while the rest of the bed is corduroy. The bed is ideal for large dog lounging or sprawling and is built to last. 

It can easily be unzipped so the cover can be thrown into the washing machine so your pet’s sleep area is always fresh and clean and your home is squeaky clean smelling as well. 

You will know your dog is comfy because the bed is fluffed with a generous polyester fiberfill stuffing.  Ships in random colors of brown, blue, or red.

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Great bed for my over-sized dog. The corduroy fits well in my cabin-rustic décor but it would look nice in any décor of a home. My dogs act like she is very comfortable on it and I think it was a great buy for anyone needing a nice, big bed for their big furry friend.  If you have a dog with a medical issue, please be kind and get this bed or one like it.

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