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Aspen Pet Deluxe Waterer

Aspen Pet Deluxe Waterer

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Product Description

Does your four-legged friend not get enough water?  The Aspen Pet Deluxe Waterer is perfect for pets who are picky about their water.  It is also ideal for busy pet parents who don’t have time to continually change out their pet’s water.  Now, problem solved! 

The high-quality Deluxe Waterer gives your little furry friend a continuous supply of fresh water which is especially important when you are way and in the warm months.  It is aesthetically pleasing with a sleek, clear, square design that lets pet parents easily monitor the level of the water at just a quick glance. 

It is proudly made in the USA and has a half gallon capacity.  It can be hand washed but dishwater washing is not recommended.  The dimensions are 5.2" X 8" X 8.1" and it weighs in at .83 lbs.  See the situation clearly and get your pet on today.  It’s perfect for multi-pet households.


I have to leave my pups outside when I am gone.  This fountain gives me the peace of mind that they always have good water and because it is so eye-pleasing, I am always sure they will drink it. It is very well-made and I can’t think of anything I would change about it if I could.

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