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Aspen Pet Easyturn Stake

Aspen Pet Easyturn Stake

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Product Description

Now you can contain your dog safely and give him the freedom he craves with the Aspen Pet Easyturn Stake.  When there is no fence available as an option, the stake keeps you grounded in the safety of your dog without sacrificing his happiness.  It is super durable and can easily be installed into all types of soil.  Various sizes and styles are available so you can choose the one that best fits your Fido’s needs.  They make for maximum anchoring and control and are available with or without the tie-out feature.   

The Aspen Pet Easyturn Stake with Tie-out is the perfect answer to giving your dog freedom and security at the same time.  The convenient quick and easy-to-install stake screws right into the ground where they remain anchored firmly with special dual wedge plate anchors that are pullout proof.  Since protruding handle styles can cause problems, this dome type is a godsend. 

The extremely durable and strong solid steel shaft has a double weld and features a unique 360-degree swivel ring that can be attached to the tie-out cable.  A malleable swivel allows for a 360-degree roaming area that also prevents tangling.  The dimensions are 16" / 15'. It weighs only 1.5 lbs.


I rent and don’t have a fenced in area for my dog.  She stays inside with me most of the time but she loves to be outside more than I do.  This stake was the answer to our problem. It is really easy to install and she loves being able to walk around.  She usually doesn’t even realize she’s contained. I recommend this if you can’t have a fenced yard. It’s a good product.

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