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Aspen Pet Easyturn Stake 18"

Aspen Pet Easyturn Stake 18"

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Product Description

Do you need to contain your pet but can’t bear to traumatize him?  If you don’t have a fenced containment for your favorite fur-ball, the Aspen Pet Easyturn Stake 18 is the ultimate solution.  It gives dogs the freedom they need and deserve while safely keeping him in a safe location so keeping them out of harm’s way and out of trouble too. 

The stakes come in various lengths and styles like this 18” one.  It is super quick and very easy to install and just screws into any type of ground in a very secure manner.  The dual wedge plate anchors help prevent the stake from pulling out, even with strong and continuous tugging.  The dome type handle alleviates the problems that protruding types can tend to cause. 

The solid steel construction on the staff is very strong and durable.  It is double welded for even more preventative measures.  The stake features a 360-degree swivel ring that easily attaches to a tie-out cable and the innovative malleable swivel gives pets a full circle of roaming area while never tangling.  The dimensions is 18" and weighs 1.25 lbs.


This swivel stake is the best I have ever used. It is the perfect length for my dog to truck around and get his freedom but to be safe at the same time.  I have a fenced backyard but it is not near as nice or as large as my front yard so he likes being out front better. The construction is very strong. The installation is very easy.

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