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Aspen Pet Elevated Bed

Aspen Pet Elevated Bed

Product Description

Take your favorite four-legged friend’s sleeping to a whole new level when you elevate it with the Aspen Pet Elevated Bed.  

Whether your dog likes to be indoors resting or stays outdoors, this elevated bed comfortable lifts his sleeping space up at head level and keeps him comfortably off the ground which can be hard, cold, and even snowy or wet ground and keeps the cold drafts at bay and elevates above hot cement in the summer. 

It is constructed with sturdy, top-quality fabric that is water-resistant.  It also has a steel frame so it will last for years upon years.  It is perfect for diverse weather conditions and helps pets that have difficulty sleeping get the z’s they need. 

The bed stands 7 inches off the ground so most dogs are able to get on and off of it very easily.  The measurements 43" X 32" X 7" and weighs 9.5 lbs.

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My pup has to sleep in the garage so it can be hot or it can get quite cold.  The elevation keeps him off the ground and also keeps him from being in the draft.  I rest easier knowing that even though he can’t sleep inside (due to my lease agreement), he is very comfortable.  The bed is made surprisingly well.

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