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Aspen Pet Furbuster Cat Nail Clipper

Aspen Pet Furbuster Cat Nail Clipper

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Product Description

Trim your kitty’s nails with ease when you use this Aspen Pet Furbuster Cat Nail Clipper.  It is designed to make trimming nails safe and easy.  The heavy-duty stainless steel blade cuts accurately with its precision cut. It has an ultra-sharp blade that is durable for even the toughest nails.  There is a non-slip cushioned handle that fits your hands very comfortably. 

A finger release lock ensures that you won’t clip too far. Take the worry out of trimming your cat’s nails with this clipper and know that you are doing him a favor because a well-groomed cat is a healthy and happy cat. 

With the dimensions of 1.3" X 4.8" X 9", this product weighs 0.4 lbs.


I am petrified to clip my cat’s nails but have better things to do with my money than to keep taking him to the vet to have them trimmed. So, I invested in these clippers. They are very lightweight and easy to use. I feel comfortable with them because there is a safety guard. So far, so good.

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