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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
Aspen Pet Furbuster Dog 2-In-1 Slicker/Bristle Brush

Aspen Pet Furbuster Dog 2-In-1 Slicker/Bristle Brush

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Product Description

Is your dog in need of a good grooming that doesn’t cost an arm and a paw?  If so, you’re in luck.  The Petmate Aspen Pet FurBuster Slicker and Bristle Brush is an innovative two-in-one grooming tool device that is designed to keep your furry one’s coat beautiful, well-kept and soft as a kitten (though don’t tell him that).  It has a wire slicker on one side that conveniently removes tangles, debris, and even dead hair. 

It generously distributes the oils so his coat is shiny and healthy.  The flip side of the bristle brush features very soft nylon bristles that soothe and smooth so he will have a shiny coat, year round.  The cushioned handle has a very comfortable, padded grip and a non-slip handle too.  The dimensions are 2.8" X 4.8" X 10" and it weighs just 0.65 LB for easy handling.


This brush is better than expected and is exactly as described. It does a great job distributing the oils all over my dog’s coat and he likes the way it feels, very non-invasive. It is durable and very comfortable to use. I have zero complaints.

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