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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
Aspen Pet Furbuster Dog Pin/Bristle Brush

Aspen Pet Furbuster Dog Pin/Bristle Brush

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Product Description

Is grooming your dog a hair-raising experience?  Put an end to the drama once and for all with this Aspen Pet FurBuster Double Sided Brush that thoughtfully features an innovative pin brush on one side that teases out nasty snarls and tames unruly tangles.  It has a bristle brush on the other side so you can put the finishing touches on the job to bring out the luster and shine on his coat. 

The handle is ergonomically designed and has a non-slip and cushioned handle that comfortably helps you give your dog the great brushing he deserves.  Excellent for dogs of all breeds and sizes and is great for long, medium, or short hair that is curly, wiry, flat or any other texture and length.  This strong and secure grooming tool has the dimensions of 2.8" X 4.8" X 10.5" and it weighs in at just 0.58 lbs.


My dog actually asks me to brush him with this brush...well, kind of, at least.  When I pick it up, he comes right over to me and sits down.  It is important for the health of his skin and his coat to keep him brushed and it gets rid of all the shedding hair so I am happy I found this great brush to take care of that with. It is light and cushioned on my hands...great!

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