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Aspen Pet Furbuster Dog Slicker Brush

Aspen Pet Furbuster Dog Slicker Brush

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Product Description

Fur, be gone!  This innovative Petmate Aspen Pet Furbuster Dog Slicker Blush is absolutely ideal for dogs that shed, especially in the spring and fall months.  This fantastic brush has a comfortable cushioned handle and is super easy to use and weighs very little so you can get a handle on your dog’s brushing and grooming. 

The brush works with all types of dog hair to help remove dead hair and debris and also helps remove tangles too.  The coat oils are evenly distributed with healthy coat oils once your pup has had a good brushing.  Keeping your dog properly brushed is imperative for his health, happiness and well-being.  Be sure yours is done with ease when you use this innovative and effective slicker brush.


This dog hair slicker brush is just as described and I got what I expected.  I have used Petmate products in the past and have always been pleased and this one is no exception. I like the way it brushes through my Setter’s fur very easily and the grip on the handle is really great and comfortable too.

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