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Aspen Pet Furbuster Perfect Paws Nail Trimmer

Aspen Pet Furbuster Perfect Paws Nail Trimmer

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Product Description

Who says your pup can’t have a pawsitively great nail trimming experience in the comfort of his own home?  With the Petmate Aspen Pet FurBuster Perfect Paws Nail Trimmer, you’ll save tons of money by not having to take him to a groomer or vet clinic every time his nails grow.  It is specifically designed to trim long dog nails that make walking or running very uncomfortable or downright painful.  Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is a vital part of his grooming and health needs to do it in style with Perfect Paws.  Plus, you’ll never have to worry about his nails damaging your clothes, furniture, floors, or your body ever again. 

The trimmers have an innovative rotating filing stone that very gently files own your dog’s nails while rendering a smooth as glass finish to be admired by all.  The device is conveniently cordless and completely portable with a nail guard that features holes that protect from his hair accidentally getting wound up or stuck in it and also traps the unwanted nail filings for easy cleanup and disposal. 

There are two different grits that can be chosen for and variable speed controls too.  Batteries are included with the purchase and even some extra filing stones are included as well.  The dimensions are 2.3" X 4" X 8.8" and for ease in handling, it weighs only 0.75 lbs.


Always before, my dog had to be sedated to have his nails clipped.  That’s how bad it had gotten. But, I ran into lean times and couldn’t afford that any longer. I had to try to do them myself. These clippers are so good, they gave me the confidence to do it. It went great. They are sharp but safe and are saving me a lot of money.  I may even try them on my cat.  I think they should work for her too.

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